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‘Teaching kids to count is one thing but teaching them what counts is best’- Bob Tarlbert

With this thought in mind, teachers of grade III to IX were oriented about life skills activities and it’s objectives in order to thoroughly train them to conduct life skill classes that will enable students to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of the society.

Workshop for Teachers

Workshop for Teachers2

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 Communication is the lifeline for any relationship

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II organised a workshop on July 13, 2019 to enhance the professional development of teachers. The workshop was conducted by sister Sangeeta,a member of the Brahma Kumaries Rajyoga Centre,G.K-II.The theme of the workshop was to take a positive step towards building strong relationships.Sister Sangeeta enlightened the teachers about the importance of learning to appreciate similarities and respect differences.She emphasized on the fact that honesty is that quality which helps to change our energy and perception of others towards us. The workshop ended with a meditation session.It was a learning and enriching experience. 

Workshop by Brahma Kumaries Rajyoga Centre_1Workshop by Brahma Kumaries Rajyoga Centre_2











Workshop on Brain Gyming for Students and Parents of Class XII

In this era of cut throat competition where marks play an important role to get admissions to good colleges, a school plays an important role in helping students combat stress. In pursuit of the same, K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II, organized a two days workshop on how ‘MARKS help one master your destiny.’ The workshop was conducted by Mr  Gagandeep Arora , the founder Director of Gagan’s Winning Edge Persona Program – an institute which works with Senior Students of Schools and Colleges to guide them to Academic Excellence and Holistic Grooming. Mr Gagandeep is an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, and a Gold Medallist Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering. He was an All India CBSE Topper Gold Medallist in 1991, and strongly believes in Value of Academic Results and Marks as much beyond mere numbers or means to an end — and instead as  Defining Hallmark of your ability to Successfully Challenge Missions in your life. The students were given tips on how to memorize by visualizing the matter.
 Workshop on Brain Gyming (1) Workshop on Brain Gyming (2) Workshop on Brain Gyming (3) Workshop on Brain Gyming (4) Workshop on Brain Gyming (5) Workshop on Brain Gyming (6) Workshop on Brain Gyming (7) Workshop on Brain Gyming (8) Workshop on Brain Gyming (9)  Workshop on Brain Gyming (11)Workshop on Brain Gyming (10)

Capacity Building Program For Mathematics – Class  X


Venue: Red Roses Public School, Saket
Date: 27& 28 JUNE, 2019

Resource Persons:  Ms. Praveen Ralhan and Ms. Ishita Mukherjee
Attended by :Ms. NeerjaSharma & Ms. VidishaTangri.

It is a good platform to address some academic issues/ challenges/ problems/ doubts etc. that support the stake holders to get a deeper understanding on subject and concepts. In connection with the same thought, a workshop was organized by C.B.S.E. on 27 and 28 June 2019.

The workshop was based on:

  • To put sturdy base for teachers on learning.
  • Planning and visualizing classes.
  • To equip the teachers with varieties of activities in teaching and learning.
  • To strengthen the teachers in planning and visualizing lessons.
  • Making students more involved and developing inquisitive behavior.

Reflections and Learnings:

The workshop was very helpful in following ways:

  • We should devote time to search content which help to improve our skills and knowledge.
  • How to develop students’ interest towards the topic.
  • To develop application bent of mind with logical and rational thinking. Taught me how to think outside of what the textbook offers.
  • Encourage students to question logic behind every concept.
  • Brought that Mathematics is a subject of understanding, not learning.

Capacity_Building_Program_For_Mathematics–Class -X (2) Capacity_Building_Program_For_Mathematics–Class -X (1)


Activities conducted by teachers                                                                                     Group Photograph

 Workshop   on National Safety Science  Campaign

Day and Date-  Saturday, 25 August 2018

Venue- Indian School of Business and Finance, Lajpat  Nagar

Teachers  attended the workshop-  Ms Rachna Dev

                                                             Ms  Anju  Sen

 Aim of the workshop- to set up and mentoring a safety club in the school.

The organisation “Xpress Mind” works with the students at three levels-

  • National safety science quiz (NSSQ)- for grade 9 to 12

This is an online quiz where in the students can register themselves without any payment.  From  every school two best entries are selected and they are eligible for the zonals which will be held in the month of October.

  • Poster/ Slogan making- for grade 5 to 8
  • Safety club- for grade 5 to 8

Here number of activities are organised like having a safety day, safety walk, drills, safety stories, videos followed by various activities and worksheets.

 The campaign was sponsored by  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) which certifies safety standards of –gadgets, textiles, mobiles, jewellery,etc

On the whole it was a very informative workshop and gave us an insight into how the  “Xpress Mind” works to create a safer environment for our children at home and in school.

Workshop on National Safety Science Campaign


Two days Python Workshop for all KRM computer teachers was organized on 25th-26th June 2018 on “UNRAVELLING PYTHON” at KRM G.K-II. It was organized by Dr. Ashok Arora for Professional Development of Educators (CPDE). Ms Gurpreet Kaur from GD Goenka, Vasant Kunj was the resource person for the workshop.

The teachers were given hands-on experience which made the workshop interesting. It was content specific which will make it easier for the teachers to incorporate Python in the next academic session. Overall it was a well-planned and executed in specified time. We look forward to many more such informative workshops.

Unravelling Python



A One-day Orientation Programme was organised by Arya Publications on Saturday, 20 August, 2016 at DAVID Public School, Shreshta Vihar, Delhi in order to empower Senior Mathematics teachers in conceptual skills across a diverse variety of topics in the field of Mathematics.

The Orientation Programme was presided over by the eminent Professor, M L Aggarwal who has an expertise in teaching Mathematics to classes XI and XII. He incorporated valuable methodologies for teaching Relations and Functions, Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Permutation and Combination and Probability.

The Orientation Programme turned out to be highly significant regarding fundamental conceptual skills in methodologies of teaching Mathematics in classes XI and XII and proved to be highly fruitful for the Mathematics teachers of KRM.

 “Books are the gift of life, honour of a bibliophile and a man’s best friendBooks are like mirror, we see our reflection in it and it portrays us comprehensively.”


Encyclopædia Britannica organized a workshop on 10 September, 2016 to discuss class room related challenges to make learning in classroom useful, reliable and enjoyable.
The Resource Persons showed how interactive pedagogies and teaching methodologies are to make learning fun for children.
The resource material provided contains inbuilt aids of dictionary, microphones and speech based software to inculcate the interest towards subject by the user, primarily children by developing the reading , speaking and listening skills. It is also a way to enjoy informative, creative, and inspiring works of literature that enrich our life experiences.
The workshop enriched the teachers to make the classroom teaching interactive and interesting with the help of learning aids.



A brimming river needs to be continuously fed by other small rivulets and brooks to fill its capacity so that it may in turn enrich the lives of the umpteen scores of people residing near its banks. Similarly, the teaching fraternity also needs to incessantly supplement its store of knowledge and experience through workshops which will fortify their strength and capacity. Mr Lucky Puchrat, a Personal Management Expert conducted a workshop for the teachers on Task Management on 13 August, 2016.

The workshop aimed at improving the performance of the teachers and sustaining the level of attention of the students by amplifying the need to understand what is expected from one. Mr. Puchrat made his point of managing time emphatically by enforcing the idea of managing the task at hand, well. If clarity, simplicity and acceptance become your hallmark, then time can be enslaved instead of the individual becoming a slave to time. To accomplish this it’s imperative to ‘do productive vs. be productive’, to know one’s KRA’s (Key Responsibility Areas) well, to ‘Eat that Frog First’, as Brian Tracy puts it, and build a systematic approach to work instead of the heuristic approach. Along with this it’s essential to ‘unlearn’ and ‘relearn’ information.

It was an enriching experience for the educators to interact with Mr Puchrat.




K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II, organized an interactive and creative workshop on, “Theatre in Education,” for the teachers on 10 September, 2016.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Kuljeet Singh, an acclaimed theatre personality and a professor from Delhi University. The workshop aimed at developing skills and a great opportunity to understand how to be an actor, how to play, how to interact as a teacher, role model, parent, and participant in any facet of life. Not only does it help enhance social skills, theatre is used to bring out other educational characteristics like knowledge, inquiry and problem solving, communication, values and goal setting. The resource person exhorted that theatre is a composite art form, which assists people to express and explore. Theatre also helps children to overcome inhibitions and help them express themselves, their aspirations, fears and desires.

Mr. Singh recommended Augusto Boal’s remarkable book, “Theatre of the Oppressed”, a marvelous example of the post-modern situations – its problems and its opportunities.
He also engaged teachers in many enlivening games and made each one present, participate enthusiastically. These games made it evident that teachers should learn to give and take simultaneously and should live for the moment.

Indeed a stimulating and edifying workshop which concluded on a cheerful note and self realization that there is so much more to learn, theatre being one of the imperative tools.