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Life Skill Session on’ Body Positivity’

Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. Feelings, thoughts, and behaviours related to body image can have a major impact on one’s mental health. Keeping this thought in mind, life skills sessions on ‘Body Positivity’ were conducted for the students of classes VI-VIII of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II . The aim of the session was to encourage an acceptance of self and others with regard to body size and appearance.

The session began with a video on different body shapes and sizes. The meaning of body image was explained to them. A worksheet was also shown to them with few statements that helped them to understand their attitudes, thoughts and feelings about their body. Students praised their body and they also spoke about the things they were grateful for. 

The video and worksheet made the students understand that worrying about body image is a natural part of growing up but no matter what the shape or size of the body is, everyone is unique and beautiful. 

Body_Positivity (1) Body_Positivity (2) Body_Positivity (3) Body_Positivity (4)


Menstruation is a natural part of the reproductive cycle. However, in most parts of the world, it remains a taboo and is rarely talked about. Cultural practices and taboos around menstruation negatively impact the lives of women and girls, and reinforce gender inequities and exclusion. Moreover, studies have proved a direct link between poor menstrual hygiene and urinary or reproductive tract infections and other illnesses.

Keeping this in mind, K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II organized a virtual workshop on 17th and 18th December, 2020 on Menstrual Hygiene of girls in collaboration with Global Hunt Foundation. Ms Ankita, the resource person, conducted the workshop and the same was attended by over 140 girls of classes IV-VIII. Discussions veered on orienting the health educators and school girls  on good menstrual hygienic practices such as use of sanitary napkins; washing and cleaning; proper disposal of sanitary napkins, followed by precautions to be taken during the period and dietary habits, so, as to enable them to lead a healthy reproductive life in future.

It was a well-organized and well conducted workshop. After the workshop, Q/A session was conducted and each and every doubt of the girls on menstrual hygiene was cleared. The girls of classes IV to VIII were very happy and content after attending the workshop and mentioned that they will be more conscious about maintaining hygiene in future.

Menstrual_Hygiene_Workshop Menstrual_Hygiene_Workshop (1) Menstrual_Hygiene_Workshop (2) Menstrual_Hygiene_Workshop (3) Menstrual_Hygiene_Workshop (4) Menstrual_Hygiene_Workshop (5)


 “Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience”- Jon Kabat Zinn

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. The goal of mindfulness is to wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional and physical processes. It helps us put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditioned responses. Research has shown that helping students learn how to self-regulate their behaviours through mindfulness has a pronounced positive effect in terms of reduced conflict, controlling impulsivity and focus. Keeping this thought in mind, life skills sessions on mindfulness were conducted for the students of classes VI-VIII.

The session began with a mindful check where students narrowed attention to their breath and expanded their awareness. After expanding awareness, the activity was conducted. Students were shown a video and even asked what they understood by being present. A discussion took place and students shared their different perspectives. Then, different breathing techniques were taught to them. The session ended with a mindful check out.

In the next week, the session began with mindful check in. Students were explained the importance of thoughts and how understanding ones thoughts leads to mindfulness of an individual. They were shown a video explaining thoughts and how different types of thoughts have an effect on an individual. The students took part in a discussion on different kinds of thoughts. They enthusiastically participated in the activity.

life_skills MIN mindful seeing mindful seeing4 mindful thought mindful thought1 mindful thought2

Fevicryl Workshop – Class XI students with certificates from Pidilite Industries Limited

A creative workshop on the topics  Reverse Decoupage, Fabric Jewelry, Wood Inlay was conducted for the Painting students of Class XI from Octover 9 to October 11, 2020. The students had an enriching experience and learned new ways as taught by Pidilite Fevicryl.
Fevicryl Workshop Fevicryl_Workshop (1) Fevicryl_Workshop (2) Fevicryl_Workshop (3) Fevicryl_Workshop (4)


Conducted By: Fortis Hospital, Department of mental health and behavioral sciences
Resource person: Dr. Samir Pareekh, Chairperson of mental health department
Time Duration: 6 days
Attended by: Psychology students of grade XI and XII


Internship is an excellent way to build all those important connections that are invaluable in developing and maintaining a strong professional network for the future. The internship was a trained and supervised experience in a professional setting in which the student is learning and gaining essential experience and expertise. The main aim of the psychology summer internship was to provide real world exposure to the students to explore and gain the relevant skill and knowledge required to enter a particular career field.
The summer internship program, conducted by Dr. Samir Pareekh, Chairperson at Fortis Hospital, Department of mental health and behavioral sciences, provided an insightful experience to the students where they are able to apply the learnings in the classroom to the real world set up. The internship provided students a chance to understand aspects of mental health and how it is integrated within a general hospital set up, orientation to new and applied fields of psychology, as well projects under the guidance of a mental health professional. The internships provided the students opportunity to see theoretical concepts in practice. They were provided extensive training in theory and practical knowledge of applying psychological principles within a clinical setting.






The best way to defend yourself is to preempt your enemy. Self defence is not just a set of techniques, it’s a state of mind and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending. A workshop on Right to Safety was conducted in K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II on 11 October 2019 for girls of classes 6-10. The resource person, Mr. Deepak Verma from International Ultimate Krav Maga Foundation teaching Israeli Defence System has been inculcating self defence skills to women, as a part of Right to Safety Programme.
Apprising the students about the importance of Self Defence, Mr. Verma said that one needs to tap one’s hidden physical strength and learn to RESPOND, not REACT.He motivated the students to stay alert in such circumstances and avoid panicking. He also gave them tips about what to do if they are trapped in an undesirable situation. A demonstration of street fight techniques helped children to understand the relevance of the methods taught. Motivating the students to learn this skill of Martial Arts, Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora stressed about the importance of learning the Art of Self Defence.

A workshop on the issue of menstrual hygiene and safe menstrual practice was held at K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II for the girls on October 1, 2019.
Discussions veered on orienting the students on good menstrual hygienic practices such as use of sanitary napkins; washing and cleaning; how to dispose sanitary napkins, followed by precautions to be taken during the period and dietary habits, so, as to enable them to lead a healthy reproductive life in future.





Class: IX – A and IX – B
Day and Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The class assembly of IX A and IX B was held on JULY 31, 2019. The topic was ‘CYBER SAFETY’. The assembly began with the morning prayer followed by the thought of the day and the news headlines. A student spoke about importance of cyber safety in today’s world and how cyber bullying is affecting students. Students presented place cards for various precautions to be taken online. A melodious song was sung by students on Cyber world. A student also recited a self composed poem on how our life has drastically changed with IT and how was our life without IT. A cyber safety pledge was taken by all the students and teachers.
The assembly concluded with the national anthem.



‘The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.’

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II organised a workshop for the students of class IX on July 23, 2019. The topic of the workshop was ‘Waste Management’ and it was conductedby the Chintan Group. The workshop primarily focussed on the awareness building exercise in students and emphasised on the terms like ‘waste’ and ‘ways’ of managing the same. The resource person shared information on waste and its types, waste segregation and explained terms like one-time plastic, single-use plastic, landfill, disposal of waste. She also discussed with the students on how to ensure least pollution in water bodies, soil etc. The 45 minutes session was quite an interactive one and studentswere encouraged to share their views and ideas on waste management.



Opportunities must be wrested and worked for, with perseverance and determination

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), established by the Government of India aims to bring about qualitative improvement in school education and identify and nurture talented students and award them with scholarships. NTSE is the national level scholarship exam which is conducted for students of Class X each year.Planning a methodological way to prepare and crack this exam is vital.

Keeping up with the same a workshop was organized by K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K II on 18 July 2019, for the students of Class X.The workshop was conducted by Mr. Deepak Singh,Director, He gave the students an insight of the NTSE exam. This session was a boon for the students as it would help them to carve a niche for themselves in this competitive world and gain an edge over others.

NTSE Workshop