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Today’s children are the most precious resource for a better tomorrow.

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Today’s children are the most precious resource for a better tomorrow.

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The concept of ‘Our World’ forms the basis of K.R. Mangalam. Learning, irrespective of the source, is learning we would derive from the world over, to educate and inspire children towards achievement.

K.R. Mangalam School follows holistic pattern of education by combining the best of curricular and co-curricular activities so that the growth encompasses both mental and physical aspects of its students. For this very reason K R Mangalam is considered to be one of the best schools in Noida which is engaged in delivering quality education for the last so many years.  Following the most popular CBSE pattern of education in India, it ranks among the best CBSE schools in Greater Noida producing toppers in this particular pattern.


New Dimensions in Global Education
  • Pool Party

    pool_party (2)

    Beat the Heat: The K.R. MANGALAM WAY! As the temperature soared to an all time high, the junior students of K.R. Mangalam world school greater noida, enjoyed the summer theme party alongside the pool. Everyone splashed in refreshing waters to their delight. They played water games and swam to their hearts content! A good way to celebrate summer season.

    pool_party_1 pool_party (2) pool_party (1) pool_party (3)

  • Gift a Smile


    K.R. MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL GREATER NOIDA students  participated in a noble cause on 2 November 2018.They participated in  giving away of Warm clothes, study material and eatables to those who need them most! There are needy people around us who need our care and  help.Today our  students  went to Rotary Pathshala ,a school for the  underprivileged children of our society. There our students interacted with children ,conducted many activities and distribute winter clothings,stationaries and food items to them. Spreading joy and smiles is the best way to begin this auspicious festival.diwali_2

    diwali_1 diwali_3 diwali_4 diwali_5 diwali_6 diwali_7 diwali_8 diwali_9

  • 3rd Omega Taekwondo Championship

    3rd Omega Taekwondo Championship

    Another Feather in the cap of KR MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL GREATER NOIDA STUDENTS: Our students gave an exemplary performance in the 3rd Omega Taekwondo Championship. 3 Gold Medals:- Aarna.      (Class lll) Anigya.    ( Class ll) Manpreet( Class V) 4 Silver Medal:- Arnav.       (Class IV) Archita     (Class Vll ) Vaishnavi (Class II ) Aarika.      ( Class. K.g.) 3 Bronze Medals:- Priyansh.     (Class IV) Abhimanyu. (Class I  ) Aanya.          (Class I ) Total = 10 Students. Heartiest congratulations to the parents and Faculty members!

    3rd Omega Taekwondo Championship_2 3rd Omega Taekwondo Championship_33rd Omega Taekwondo Championship_1

  • Halloween Celebration

    Halloween Celebration

    Dressed in spooky best, the pre-primary and primary children of K.R. Mangalam World School, Greater Noida, celebrate Halloween. They played Halloween theme games- like walk the web. The little ones enjoyed the Halloween decorated room for them and had a memorable day with dance and music. Their celebrations were increased with some guest students joining them from Jordan. Trick or treat was a fun filled and enjoyable task for them. Altogether it was a day full of fun.

    Halloween Celebration_1 Halloween Celebration_2

  • Jordan Visit

    To begin with the journey of cultural exchange ,on 5th of November 2018, students from Jubilee School, Jordan visited our school. It was great honor to welcome our international friends to our school on this festive occasion of Diwali.Jordan visit (4)We had the privilege to welcome the educator Mr.Omran along with his team of eight students Hamza Al Hayek, Hamza Farsakh, Laith, Lina,Mariam,Nabil Zaid and Zain. Our students warmly welcome them with tilak and garland. Then they had a tour of our school and witnessed the Halloween celebration by junior students while interacting with the senior class students.

    Jordan visit (1)Students of classes V to VIII arranged a mesmerizing cultural program for our guests and performed the famous folk dance forms of Rajasthan and Gujarat named Kalbelia and Dandiya respectively. They also performed Kathak to the tunes of Hindi song number. To bring forward our rich cultural diversity students showcased a fashion show adorned with traditional regional attires of different parts of India. Guest students also performed their famous dance form Dabkeh before our students to display their cultural inheritance. In the end guest students learnt the steps of Dandiya and Bhangra from our students. Our students present handmade cards and souvenirs to the guest students as a small token of love.Jordan visit (2)It was a wonderful experience for our students to have such an opportunity to interact with peer students from neighboring country.

    Jordan visit (3)

  • Medical Camp- Health is Invaluable!!

    A medical camp was organised by blue circle in K.R. Mangalam world school today. Dr Niddhi Verma/ MBBS ( General Physician ) was present to check students complete body checkup. Dr. Indu Tanwar / BDS ( Dentist ) did the oral check up & briefed children about brushing properly and take precautions.

    Ms kshama Sharma did the eye vision check up and MR. Rohit measured the height and weight of all the students from class Pre- nursery to IV and IX report of the students will be sent by the team. Each student’s would get health card leaving all details of his/her health status.

    Health activity_2 Health activity_1

  • A visit to National Zoological Park

    A visit to National Zoological Park

    A trip to the National Zoological Park was organized for the students of Nursery to class II on 23rd of August 2018. The Delhi Zoo is home to several mammals, birds, reptiles and other species in a diverse natural habitat. The day was cloudy and sunny making it perfect for walking around the zoo. The students enthusiastically observed an array of animals and birds as their teachers pointed out their special characteristics. They saw some familiar and unfamiliar species of animals and birds– the Asiatic Lion, White Tiger, Bengal Tiger, leopard, African Elephant, jaguar, Black Swan, migratory birds, etc. The students were curious to know more about the animals and there was a seemingly unending stream of questions from the inquiring bunch! The teachers patiently pointed out interesting features about each animal, thus helping them stretch their little ‘banks of information’ on animals. The students were very excited to see animals and birds ‘for real’ in their natural habitat as compared with looking at them in their picture books and on television.

    National Zoological Park

  • Visit to Bal Bhavan

    Visit to Bal Bhavan

    A field trip to Bal Bhavan at Delhi was organized today for the kids of classes Nursery to class II. It was raining there when we reached there, so we took the children for the rounds into the class room.Visit_to_Bal_Bhavan_1Bal Bhavan offers a free environment to children for expressing their ideas through the wide range of activities like science activities, literary activities, creative arts, photography, integrated activities, performing arts, physical activities, hostel activities, museum techniques and publication related activities.Visit_to_Bal_Bhavan_2 Children thoroughly enjoyed the set up in each classroom / museum that was unique. offering non-formal learning opportunities for children.The main attractions of the Museum are the exclusive galleries on ‘surya’, Hamara Bharat’, ‘Gaurav Gatha’ and ‘creative Works of Children’.There were many handicrafts, paintings on the walls and many animal models. The boards and tables were arranged by the craft items made by children.Visit_to_Bal_Bhavan_3They also had an opportunity to watch a lady practicisg one of the dance forms ‘Bhavai’ of Rajasthan. The main attraction for our kids were funny mirrors, where they spent watching themselves in different size and shape. They were thrilled to observe different types of fish and finally the most exciting part for them was to take a round in the toy train.Visit_to_Bal_Bhavan_4They truly had a memorable field trip that was both educational and entertaining and the weather was also not very hot.Visit_to_Bal_Bhavan_5