In a century of increasingly rapid development rates across the world, a few years can bring about a significant change and countries with histories of economic and political stagnation can mould their states and improve their international standing. Modern-day China as it grows in economic and political authority is faced with questions and decisions of its international position that have not troubled the country in centuries. The beginning of the 21st century has been witness to a great expansion from the East; however, in many ways it has been a tempered expansion. China now stands as one of the great economic power houses of the world, no longer is it bound to a semi-closed off status. How this will continue to evolve is the question plaguing the minds of political scientists and politicians the world over. Its constantly changing international status demands commensurate policy adjustments, which in China is under the complete supervision of the Chinese Politburo.
The Politburo of China will need to address these topics of dissension and further guide the role of China in the international system and the role of the Politburo within the state.