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Prefectorial Board Election

Conducts Student Council Elections

K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri conducted the student council election in the month of July. The prefectorial board is a group that serves as representatives of the students, enforces discipline and inspires the students to succeed. The prefectorial board is a team of highly vigilant and hardworking students. They act as coordinators between students and teachers to maintain order and discipline in the school. Being a member of the prefectorial board is the biggest honour for any student, a testimony to this fact, being the large number of students who gave their name for the student representative body. 22 candidates from class XI, possessing a spectrum of abilities, gave their introductory speeches in front of the senior wing of the school (classes IX-XII) on July 5, 2018.

This was the beginning of a very rigorous process of selection. The selectors were the students of the senior wing who casted their votes for their preferred candidates on July 31,2018 This election was conducted swiftly by student volunteers, using a sophisticated system of electronic voting. It was a fair and transparent process, which empowered the students to take part in democratic values.

The Prefectorial Board was announced on August 8, 2018 in the morning assembly in the presence of the senior wing. Vedansh Kapoor (XII) and Manan Suri (XI) were selected as the Head Boys and Ayushi Kapoor (XII) and Maher Sondhi (XI) were selected as the Head Girl(s) for the session 2018-19.

The rest of the posts are as follows:

  • Robin Ahuja and Lavanya Puri; Vice Headboy and Vice Headgirl
  • Dhruv Chadda and Velika Gupta: Emerald House Captains
  • Aryan Pahwa and Kawalnain Kaur: Ruby House Captains
  • Anmol Vaid and Anshika Miglani: Sapphire House Captain
  • Kabir Kumar and Sarah Arora: Topaz House Captains
  • Manik Wadhawan and Nikita Oberoi: Sports Captains
  • Mallika Kalia and Pragya Khera: Cultural Secretaries
  • Sukhmani Kaur and Chandril Tiwari: Discipline In-charges
  • Tanvi Sethi and Aryan Verma: Assembly Heads