Sensitizing Students towards Social Causes

K.R. Mangalam World School aims at inculcating social responsibility in its students by involving them in various activities that revolve around a social cause. the schools has been involved in projects like ‘Project Citizen’ in which the students visit senior homes. They also organize cultural programs for the citizens. Issues concerning the environment are taken up on a regular basis. the young eco- ambassadors of KRM stage street plays to spread their message. ‘Say No to Crackers’ was one such campaign organized to combat the evil of pollutio that is generated during Diwali and its related health hazards. By participation in community work, students also learn the value of service and of developing enduring friendships with one another, and become more conscious of individual and social responsibilities towards family, community and country All the programs undertaken by the school have been successful and effective in instilling sensitivity in the students, which enables them to relate to the society arounf them.

– Eco Club Protector of environment.
– Interact Club – Instilling sensitivity towards society.
– Responsibility towards community & country.
– Reqular Workshop on issue like organ donation.
– Visits to deaf and dump school and old age homes.
– Collection and distribution of gifts for the underprivileged.
– Sensitizing students towards areas like, road safety, communal harmony, environmental issue.