Boredom, an essential self evaluator! A necessary component missing from today’s holidays! How many times have we heard our children complaining of being bored? It is a virtually impossible memory to rake up for us as parents. And why is that? Are we to be blamed? What is the advantage of being bored? What did we gain from being bored? Did we perhaps develop our reading habit from this state of mind? Have we forged our everlasting friendships just like this? Is the blame to be laid at the doors of technology and it’s ever widening shoulders?

Today children have been provided with so much of visual impetus which is technologically created, or should I say recreated, that the ability to feel, appreciate& admire and then express the awe felt, in real life is missing. The child is bombarded with the next perfect visual image even before he has the opportunity to appreciate and admire the earlier one. This bombardment makes the perfection in the moment to become so blasé that we somehow start to undermine its value. Not to say even for a fraction of a second that such visuals are not good or useful. It is these near perfect moments that we should train our children to ‘wreath into a flowery band’ as John Keats said.

It is here that the state of being bored comes to use. We dig deep into our inner reserve at these times to find our true potential and perhaps garner the strength to achieve that near perfect moment in our own life too in the very near future!


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