Can Learning be Made Fun with the New Age Technologies

Technology is a predominant factor in today’s world that determines the progress of almost every sector. Be it health, IT, education or anything else, advanced application of technology has become a mandate for each sector to flourish. As far as the education process is concerned, the same has also undergone a drastic change by imbibing the odds and evens of the advancing technology within its periphery. The best thing about being associated with technology is that it lends life to the otherwise mundane processes of learning. Unlike the earlier days, the children today enjoy interactive learning that binds them strongly with the string of knowledge and helps them carry the impression for long. Let us have a brief discussion on how the technology has changed rote learning into progressive learning over the years making the entire process more fun and exciting for the kids.

Application of Video-Based Learning

Audio-visuals always impact young minds in a more substantial way than just audio effects. When the lessons are demonstrated through audio-visual aids instead of just audible lectures in the class, students not only get attracted to the process but also become attentive to the learning. This is a great way to draw the attention of the kids minus any hassles, and the teachings thus provided create a long lasting impression on the young minds making them less forgetful of the lessons. Hence, classes with facilities of video learning are expected to deliver knowledge in a more inclusive and comprehensive way.

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is a new addition around the corner and has been added to the existing pedagogy of many schools which have marched along the progress of the technologies. Games are something that is a common point of interest to every child, and if the learning processes get adhered with the games, the learning becomes fun for the kids. The positive approach of the learning process with no penalties and occasional rewards encourage the pupils to undergo the methods to incur progress and improvement with active participation.

Use of Gadgets

Most of the classes of the modernized schools like KRMS have gadgets like laptops and tablets that augment the progressive learning methods. With the laptops connected to the smart boards, teachers get to illustrate and explain topics with visual references collected from the internet. This makes the whole learning process attractive and exciting to the children. Short video demonstrations can also be played through the laptops for a comprehensive lesson. The students are supported with tablets or other devices during specific hours which they use for basic calculations and surfing that, in turn, makes them familiar with the processes of handling the software interfaces. Hence, technology has entwined the practical knowledge with classroom learning making it fun and exciting at the same time.

Interactive Whiteboards

Away from the conventional blackboards and chalks, the modern classes are equipped with the whiteboards that can be used in association with laptops. These boards also facilitate the process of digital writing that makes the process of learning fun for the students and easy for the teachers. Some of the whiteboards also come with the facility of educational games that are great in attracting the attention of the learners. The graphs, diagrams, charts, and videos are also supported by the whiteboards that make comprehending any topic easier. Teachers can also save the notes for future use and reference in these whiteboards that makes teaching more strategic.

We, at K.R.MangalamWorld School, ranked among the Top Ten Schools in Noida,have always emphasized on holistic development of children in an inclusive way. Pursuing or forcing a child to education can never bring the desired results. Hence, making the students a part of the process and drawing their attention by default are the principles on which we run the entire method of progressive learning at our institution. With the latest trends, technologies, and the facilities integrated with the infrastructure, we, at KRMS, make sure that every student finds interest in the lessons provided. The smart board enabled classes, the trained pool of teachers, the computer laboratories with the individual provision of computers for each student attending the lab are some of the features that enable the students at K.R. Mangalam School to get mingled with the soul of education and embrace learning in a fun-filled manner.

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