She’s an innocent little girl
Unknown about the people in this world
Who think it’s a curse that she is born.
It has nothing to do with her but her gender
She has to suffer because she is her.
She grows up while listening to those painful words
Which she hears from the crowd
Those words struck her like a bullet
Inside her heart
Now it’s broken so much, it can’t be mended even if we try hard
This is not what she wants
But she is dumfounded like a mime,
Stuck inside, bounded by walls
Walking inside the empty halls.
She screams but no one hears
She wails but no one cares
There’s no one here who feels her pain anymore
As people simply ignore

It’s a curse that she is born even if she did nothing bad at all
She has nothing else to do
But to dream about another universe,
Where people are one,
Where there’s no boy or girl
That’s what she thinks is a world.
But that’s not true
It’s sad to say:
She is a curse in every way.
Why would they hurt such beauty and charm
When they do so,
She is so calm
She has wings
Which are broken now
And it stings
If she tries to fly
But still try
You are not alone.

-SanyaTaneja (IX-A)

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