Hands-On Activities to Teach Patience to Kids

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In today’s fast-paced environment, werequire distinctive everyday-skills in order to lead a quality life, and patience stands as the paramount among all. Tolerance, forbearance, and patience are some of the significant characteristics that one must possess to achieve any higher goal in life. But what we generally see is that stress, tension, and pressure are taking over both the personal and professional lives of individuals, and even the young ones are experiencing the same with the rolling of time. What we need to understand here is that a calm and collected mind is the central pathway to success and implanting the ‘concept of patience’ in the minds of children from an early age can change how life would unfold for them in the future.

Childrenare moodyand unpredictable and live in their own little world that is vibrant and dynamic. This makes it often challenging for adults to establish the notion of discipline and patience in the regular habits of their easy-going, happy-go-lucky lives. Well, it doesn’t mean that children should have the patience of a saint and miss out on their instinctual child-like nature. But they can always be guided and trained on how to use the art of patience tactfully in situations where stress, pressure, or any negative feeling shadows their fledging minds.

The gift of perseverance is instinctive in some children and serves them as the most valuable asset throughout their lives. However, the attributes of children highly vary and a tinge of virtuous practice every day can bestow their futures with harmony, prosperity, and happiness. Mentioned below are some of the very simple and delightful tactics that you can utilize as moments of teachings to increase the level of patience in your children and nourish their capabilities to manage almost any situation posed by life wisely.

Parenting Begins With Patience

Prior to speaking of everyday activities, as the ultimate role-models of children, parents require grasping the gist of the right kind of parenting. It is important to understand that kids learn and pick up habits in a carefree way from what they perceive and experience in their everyday life. Hence, as the strongest pillar of your child’s life, you will have to be the foremost person to avoid handling any situation with anxiety or agitation. Keeping the cool around the clock in today’s complicated lifestyle can be challenging but as it is often said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Hence, try to keep anger and anxiety out of the door at least whenever your children are around and you will shortly see the change in your children’s behavior yourself.

Practicing the Craftsmanship of Patience through Art and Craft

Teaching your children via creative tactics is the best way to reach the roots of their wavering mind. Art and craft is something that captivates nearly all kids. Children mostly use crayons and pastel colors but for a good change you can hand over some watercolor this time. It is often said by artists that water paintings require way more concentration and more importantly an eye for detail compared to colors with dry bases. It involves mixing and preparing colors, saturating the bristles of the brush just to the right amount, and waiting for the paper to dry entirely before you hit the next coat of color. This is a magical way to create the base of patience in your child’s mind whilehelping them build a hobby at the same time.

Introduce them to the Art of Patience Followed by the Tiny Beings of Nature

This is indeed one of the most interesting and intelligent ways in which you can teach your kids about the sheer technique of patience in order to achieve a fruitful outcome. Nature parks, botanical gardens, or even your backyard can be the perfect places to get your child close to nature and its tiny beings, each day. Kids, unlike adults, have a detail-oriented eye and cherish spending ample time watching snails walking to reach their destinations, butterflies flying from one flower to another to settle for the best one, or ants working hard to gather their meal of the day. It is a fascinating way to show them how every act that living beings perform is related to the final output at the end of the day and that can be accomplished by only one thing, that is ‘patience.’

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School,a CBSE residential school in Greater Noida, believe that children require much more beyond mere academic training to overcome the challenges posed by the twenty-first-century lifestyle. And for them to succeed in their endeavors, it is very important that they learn the crucial life skills and hold the key of patience and persistence in whatever they do. To help instill the art of patience in our students, we often provide them with activities where the only way to get through is keeping sheer patience and determination. Besides, all our teachers are trained to maintain a lot of patience with children, whether it is during the academic sessions in the classroom or during any other extracurricular activities.  We, at KRMS, believe that patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success and this is exactly what we aim to inculcate in our pupils.

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