India Turns 70

An undead desire breathes through a thousand hurdles.A desire to live while alive a desire to be free a desire to overcome the slavery of foreign lands. A long struggle & of long centuries,a long struggle through hell and back ,with the rise in voice to the long marches.A hope that after night,there has to be the dawn.The darkness has to vanish to let the light in .Today,we are free to write the 70th year of Independence,because of those who died but are not dead.A long journey of 70 years,the dream of millions and the might as one.A journey from a looted land to standing bright in the top lists of the bests of the world.

From the wound to a scab and then a new skin in our journey,but the pain stays. We had to see the clouds burst,we had to face the harsh sun to see the rainbow glow from between India ,The most developing nation at this point of time has seen a thousand ups and downsa thousand praisesa thousand blames and still we appear in the bests.

Ali Saad

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