Learning By Doing

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over”. In this era of learning as we always strive to make our actions effective and action oriented, this quote by Richard Branson stands true and we at KR MangalamWorld School take our pride in making the learning process for children active and spirited. As expounded by American Philosopher John Dewey learning should be relevant and practical and not passive and theoretical. The learning system today is progressive and we put our best foot forward to move in coherence and give the finest learning experience to our kids.

‘TOGETHER TOWARDS TOMORROW’ Our motto since our very own beginning on which the foundation of this school lays upon stands important even today and we believe in moving with it as it binds the entire KRM fraternity and keeps us moving. In our teaching system children are exposed to Hands-on Learning making learning a distinct experience. The concept of learning by experience is ancient but is articulated as recent vintage as it has recently gained prime position in education and teaching system. Hands-on experience makes the children more creative and imaginative, skilful and aware. It enhances their critical thinking skills, inferring, sorting and comparison skills. Along with best Academic facilities we offer a wide variety of extra co-curricular activities keeping in mind varied interests of children and we nurture and encourage every talent.

To satiate the yearning for creativity we provide facilities like Fine Arts, Instrumental music, western music and many more such recent options giving children a glimpse into alternative future careers. As the primary aim of teaching is to make learning a fun experience and intensify association with real life events, various labs such as Language lab, Maths lab, Science lab, Sociology lab, Geography lab have been incorporated where children obtain freedom to acknowledge their surroundings and fortify the concepts to build up the power of abstract thoughts and strengthen their understanding .Thus making them more diligent and ideal learners.

As quoted eloquently by Benjamin Franklin“Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I remember; Involve me and I learn” We firmly believe in this teaching strategy and take this opportunity to bring out the best in each child by giving him the best of the learning environment.We provide tools of the highest degree to make learning a satisfactory experience for each child. In addition, we try to channelize his/her potential as we motivate them to make the best of the opportunities coming their way. Here at KRM we try to create moments making every child’s experience exceptional and extraordinary. It’s our great honour and pleasure to be a part of each child’s learning experience and we take great joy in putting considerable effort in maintaining this for coming years.

-Ms Rini Chabbra
K.R. Mangalam World School Gurugram

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