Maintaining Hand Hygiene is Essential

Maintaining Hand Hygiene is Essential

Maintaining hygiene standards is a prerequisite to maintain good health. Especially for children, it is of paramount importance that they follow the elementary health and hygiene norms to stay fit and fine. Kids who fall sick frequently suffer from several problems like lack of concentration, energy, immunity, focus, etc.And most of these infections occur because of poor hand hygiene. This is the reason why amid the ongoing coronavirus scare, handwashing is being recommended as one of the primary measures to contain the spread of the disease.

As hands are the most used organs of the human body, transfer of microorganisms from one human to another is most likely to occur through hands. Dirty hands thus contribute the most to the disease spreading chain. If hands are kept sanitized and clean, the majority of the contagious infections can be restricted. Hence, to stop any contagious disease from becoming an epidemic, cleaning your hands and keeping the hands sanitized all the times is surely a smart move.

Here, in this article today, we would like to share some of the ways you can ensure your hand hygiene all the times.

  • Wash hands whenever you return home from outside

Studies suggest that humans touch their face 5000-6000 times in a dayon an average. This way, the bacteria or virus present on hands get a way to get into the body. This is why it is of utmost importance that whenever you return to home from outside, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This helps to remove all the dirt as well as the microorganisms that might have got to your hands. According to the standard health norms, the hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds and cleaned up to the elbow area to guarantee safety.

  • Wash hands before & after meals

Though using spoons and forks can be a safe way to keep the hands from touching the food directly, it is recommended by all the physicians across the globe that washing hands thoroughly must be made mandatory for everyone, including children, before eating. Even if you are not using forks and spoons for eating, you can be sure of hygiene standards if you have washed your hands with soap or have applied sanitizer before eating.

  • Wash hands immediately after playing

While playing outdoors, children come in contact with several things that may be clean or dirty. Children, being their usual carefree selves, do not generally care about the cleanliness of the things that they touch while playing. These dirty hands if not washed thoroughly with soap and water, may become a major reason for transferring harmful microorganisms to others in the house as well. Hence, it is important that whenever kids return from playing outside, they are made to wash their hands properly. This helps to keep a check on their health as well as that of others.

  • Wash hands frequently, especially upon touching anything

Some varieties of germs can live for several days on metal surfaces and other nonliving surfaces. Hence, if you touch any object with unclean hands, the gems get transmitted to the surface and easily contaminate another human upon touching. Keep your hands clean all the time to ensure no spreading of germs.

At K.R. Mangalam World School, regarded as the top school in Greater Noida, we have always maintained the belief that health is the real wealth, and this is what we teach our children as well. After all, what these little buds do in their future depends a lot on the quality of health they maintain. It is because of this reason that we, at KRMS, always strive to make our pupils aware of the elementary hygiene practices and encourage them to maintain requisite hygiene standards at school as well as home.

Maintaining hand hygiene is particularly important during these times when the coronavirus infection is on the rise in our country. As such, taking good care of health and ensuring sanitization of hands is the only way to stay protected. It is hence a sincere request from team KRMS to take good care of your and your family’s health by staying indoors, eating healthy, and following proper hygiene practices. Let hygiene be your tool in fighting corona!

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