Ragi – A Power-Packed Grain for Little Geniuses

Ragi – A Power-Packed Grain for Little Geniuses

Diet decides a lot when it comes to health, and for the little ones, it is of paramount importance to build a practice of healthy diet to ensure wholesome nutrition and uninterrupted growth. It is important that children are encouraged from an early age to eat healthily and stay fit as it is good health that guarantees a secured future by ensuring optimum concentration, wholesome nutrition, and constant support towards the preparation of any career driven studies in future. One of the most critical aspects of health maintenance remains the intake of fiber-rich food, which positively augments the kid’s health. Ragi is undoubtedly one of the most popular and significant choices for a healthy diet for children. The grain is also regarded as the superfood for children owing to its multiple health benefits. Listed below are some of the reasons owing to which ragi should necessarily get a place in the diet of growing kids:

Rich in Nutrients

Ragi comes naturally loaded with nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamins, and proteins. The grain also contains substantial amounts of essential amino acids like phenylalanine, isoleucine, methionine, and leucine. The best part is Ragi gets cultivated even during the dry seasons, which makes it one of the most available items of the healthy food basket.

Ensures Healthy Bones

Ragi is a rich source of calcium and thus helps in building the bones stronger. Children who consume Ragi daily have been found to possess better overall growth and healthier bones. Your little one will stay away from the risk of developing fragile bones with the Ragi advantage added to the diet list. Ragi also helps the human body by aiding it to make blood cells.

A Fiber-Rich Food

Fiber is one element that is required in a substantial amount in the body. Consumption of fiber makes the kids feel full, and they stay active for long. Moreover, the amino acids present in the grain helps in reducing the fat around the liver, making it healthy. Apart from elevating the digestive efficiency of the liver, Ragi also ensures a low level of cholesterol in the child’s body, eliminating any chances of obesity.

The Iron Advantage

Many children do not eat properly, or they have a list of food they run away from, which makes them deficient in nutrients like iron. Anemia is a common problem that many children suffer from owing to improper diet. Introduce Ragi to their meals and be assured of a healthy level of iron in the body, making production and replenishment of blood cells higher. With an enhanced level of iron in the body, children tend to stay more active, agile, and energetic.

Helps in Relaxation

Even children feel stressed at times and can have complaints of headache and anxiety owing to nutritional gaps that arise from the irregular intake of meals and nutrition-deficient food basket. Ragi is a wonderful grain that comes full of antioxidants with the power to nullify the effects of free radicals. Hence, it is an excellent choice for your kid’s food chart that will help him/her fight the harmful elements of the body.

Healthy Skin and Hair

With Ragi included in the diet chart, the skin and hair of the child receive complete care. The grain comes with the goodness of the amino acid called methionine, which is indeed good for bringing shine to one’s hair and skin. Try the Breakfast and snack recipes prepared with Ragi at home and serve your child with a plate full of nutrition.

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