Sports – A Way of Life!!

The world today is a competitive space with matters that relate to almost everything in life. Whether you talk about the job, lifestyle, status, or education, the competition seems to be on the rise; and with competition comes a whole lot of stress. When you strive to be better at something, say your job, you begin shifting your focus to different things and start neglecting your health. But what one needs to understand is that ‘health is wealth’. If you neglect your health, you are adding more negativity to your life that will in the long run not only affect your work life but will also result in a deteriorating life. Thus, in times like these, sports must be seen as a way of life. Sporting activities not only help keep you healthier but also ensure that you are able to prioritize the important things in your life while having a hobby in the form of sports to keep you motivated. Sports not only keep you physically fit but also ensure your mental wellbeing, and hence contribute a lot to your overall health.

When it comes to education too, the competition today is driving the children to an extent that they only focus on the bookish knowledge and begin neglecting their health. Most institutions too are seen motivating their students to keep their focus primarily on the academic education to help the institute or university get a better ranking in the industry. However, it is high time that we together realize that sports are far more from being just a part of the curriculum. Sporting activities are an essential part of a student’s all-around development. While books train a student to be exceptional at work, engaging in a sport trains him/her to be a part of the professional sphere. Every sport in today’s times promotes humanitarian values and the importance of being a team player. By engaging in at least one sporting activity, a student learns the important tips and tricks of surviving in the outside world.

Let us talk about football for instance – the game of eleven teammates involves rigorous physical involvement in the form of running and sprinting. However, what is more important, is that the game teaches an individual to work together with ten other teammates towards a common goal i.e. winning the match. Moreover, like any other sphere of life, the game also involves some victories and some losses, thereby preparing one to be able to deal with victories in a gracious manner while at the same time not taking losses to the heart and moving on to preparing for the next match.

A sport is therefore not just an activity that involves physical workout but is, in fact, more of a way that teaches one about the correct way of life. It is a scientifically proven fact that those who engage in at least one sporting activity a week, are known to show better results at education, profession, as well as in life in general. While playing a sport teaches you to be a better person, it also has some medical significance. Physical workout is known to release what is commonly known as the happy hormones in the brain, thereby helping in keeping medical conditions like depression, anxiety, and panic disorders (that have sadly over the years recorded a steep hike all over the world) at bay.

It is hence, important that not just parents but even the educational institutions promote a healthy sporting environment for the all-around development of a child. It is essential that we train the future generation of leaders to not only excel at academics but also understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by making sports a part of their daily life. Besides, unhealthy eating habits that too have statistically shown a rise in obesity among children, can also be tackled by inculcating the habits of being a sports lover. We believe it is high time that educational institutes shift their focus from mere academic achievement and bring about a positive change by introducing as well as sticking to sports as an important aspect of curriculum and student growth.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, very well understand the importance that sports hold in building a positive lifestyle. We, hence, besides motivating our students to perform well in academics, equally support them in exploring various sporting activities and building habits that ensure good health for them in their life ahead. We have incorporated sports as an integral part of our curriculum and each and every student is encouraged to opt for at least one sport of his/her choice. While we always ensure that our students nowhere lag behind in terms of academic know-how, we also promote different physical activities that are of paramount importance for their health. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, aim for the holistic development of our each and every student and thus put a lot of focus on inclusion of sporting activities as a regular part of their routine. Furthermore, if you delve deep, you’ll find that training students on sporting activities is not only related to physical fitness but also to the development of the feelings of healthy team spirit, solidarity, sportsmanship, and responsibility. Sports is hence not only an activity but indeed a way of life!

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