Teaching Paradigms for the New Millennium

Teaching Paradigms for the New Millennium

One fundamental thought that remains common to all the academic minds and scholarly luminaries of all ages and societies is that of one true ‘Good’ school’s indispensableness in fortifying the foundation of an individual’s educational wisdom and pragmatic conversancy. And by this aspect of ‘Good’, what the visionaries cardinally meant or till now mean is the requirement of such an educational organization, where the sprouting adolescent minds and evolving teenage brains are nurtured not only by knowledge of books but also by the dimensions of the practical world. If heed is paid to the contemporary global professional and social fabric, then this just-mentioned criterion emerges to be more of a vital one. Today’s world is ready to give a person anything but ‘Time’ to prove oneself in any and every aspect. Moreover, the constant undercurrent of volatility in all arenas, be it politics, business, scholastics, job market, or even daily livelihood, requires a person to be 24*7 groomed to deal with challenges and in consequence triumph over those.

In order to gain a cutting edge over others in the present times, one doesn’t only need the virtuous accompaniment of the accolade-filled degrees following the surname but imperatively has to be a ‘Future Visualizer’ also. And without much of an argument, all will agree that the groundwork to nurture such a unique potency must be commenced from the very early years of the student-hood so that no related aspect is left out and a teenager turns out to be a prospectively productive professional and a responsible family-person as well. Realizing wholesome essence of this vibe, the internationally famous schools nowadays construct their individualistic educational framework over one essential norm, which is ‘Time Ahead-ness’.

Contemporary reputed educational institutions, nowadays, hence make sure that the buds fostered by them turn out not only as adept sustainers of the prevailing official and societal frameworks but also as perfect framers of the novel and functional modules over the existing ones. Learning inside the class as well as from outside world dynamics is bestowed to students with the touch of impeccability. Shoving off the tough and hard-to-access profiles, teachers of modern days venture out to be more of amiable guides acknowledging the thriving saplings of upcoming time-stretches with the ways to make their place amidst the competition and also enrich the world’s regular flow at each and every dimension.

Established in the year 2003, the K.R Mangalam World School is one such institution that is dedicated to not just aiding its students to score high marks and thereby constructing a prosperous career but endeavors to foster each and all in such a specific maneuver that makes them awe-rising ‘Contributors’ to the approaching days. Driven by the objective of ‘Together for Tomorrow’, this organization essentially believes that the juvenile fraternity of today is essentially the vital power that can fetch betterment for the futuristic human community.

As vows the Chairperson Yash Dev Gupta, K.R Mangalam World School strives to widen its students’ vista from ‘For Myself’ to ‘For All’ and stimulate each lad/lass to envision a professionally progressive and socially evolved globe. He also depicts that this organization essentially believes in mentoring students to become frontrunners in the coming times and optimistically influences them with deftness and morals. While teaching them the value of working-in-collaboration with others, the eminent teachers also take adept care of the fact that every young one’s innate aptitude and specific scholastic potency is refined holistically.

Some of the authentically exclusive features of the educational infrastructure of the K.R. Mangalam World School include:

  • Adopting a characteristically progressive and continually evolving teaching method that helps the students to infer the contemporary world and develop own vision about problem-facing and solving
  • Giving equal importance to all subjects and highlighting students’ advancement as well as lacking in each by organizing ‘Class Room Weeks’. By this modus, teachers monitor every student’s flair over various subjects. In effect, teachers get to realize who is more competent over which educational arena and coach at pace with that evaluation. The past students have reported that during those crucial years of ‘learning at-depth’ and ‘succeeding at examinations’, this ‘7 Days Scan’ helped them a lot to improve upon.
  • E-board teaching that acquaints young ones with the so vital digital representation technology and equips them with the essential skills of Snap-Shot capturing, Printing, and even E-board sharing.
  • Giving the students an opportunity to gain proficiency in web-patterned writings and dimensions of E-book designing and publishing by patronizing a digital standard school magazine ‘Nirantar’.
  • Laying equal importance on the physical health of students and organizing coaching for various sorts of sports including the exclusive genre of Taekwondo.
  • Maintaining worthwhile interactive ties with various well-known foreign schools of the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, and fostering effective Exchange Program with them.
  • Permitting the science and technology biased tender minds to witness the within of NASA by arranging scheduled and coveted journey to the renowned institution.
  • Infusing into the blooming brains of students, keen awareness of the social issues by means of various relevant workshops, and stimulating them to take initiatives for a ‘Healthier Tomorrow’.
  • Nurturing team spirit and accustom-ability to work within a group in each and every student by frequently arranging for activities like team sports, dramas, fetes, etc.

The Pre-School unit of K.R Mangalam too engraves own niche amongst other junior-level schools by owning a concretely cutting-edge knowledge and nursing environment. With state-of-the-art, contemporary infrastructure, the school imparts education to the tiny tots through multimedia mode and in consequence enriches the tiny ‘I.Qs’ with the quotient of Smart Learning. It even possesses a distinguished one-of-its-kind Montessori Laboratory where the masters and missies are trained over every-day skills and given a polish over their motor senses. This Pre-School also stretches out a hand of help to parents by offering valuable evening-time activity classes in the fields of Dance & Drama, Skating, Foreign Language, Drawing, etc.

K.R. Mangalam School with its team of expert scholars and groomers are wholeheartedly committed to transforming every energetic child into ‘Before the Time Thinker and Doer’ at pace with new century’s definite educational requirement.

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