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Technology has become a part of life today and has led to so many changes, both in the way we think and learn. When it comes to education, it is even more interesting to know how technology has advanced rapidly in this sphere, transforming the way how students are learning and are being taught. However, when compared to Western countries, India somewhere falls short in embracing technological breakthroughs in the field of education. But, in the recent years, there have emerged some significant improvements from the part of the schools in incorporating digital technologies into their academic system and learning methods. The convenience, flexibility, and effectiveness of the digital platforms are what making the technology penetrate and grow exponentially in the educational sector.

In this modern digital age, today’s children are often engaged with tech tools/devices in their day to day life and so digital learning can certainly supplement education. Education, when imparted through non-intrusive and flexible formats to students across all age groups, can benefit both educators and learners. This is why today’s educational institutions are taking efforts to reinvent the way students are learning by shifting their focus onto a student-centered educational system. In recent years, the perception of parents and educators towards digital learning has changed a lot and so, using tech tools in education has increased substantially. The penetration of digital tools and Internet-based devices in education has brought enhanced learning and knowledge-sharing benefits to students.

Benefits Offered by Inclusion of Tech Tools in Education:

It is an undeniable fact that digital learning platforms, tech tools, and software are creating multitudinous ways to modify education and cater to the academic potential, strengths/weaknesses, and learning pace of each and every student. Here are a few of the major benefits that introduction of tech tools in the educational sphere extends:

  • Enabling students with tech tools help them grasp and understand concepts better as well as makes learning more engaging for them.
  • On the part of educators, tech tools can help improve instructional techniques and enable the teachers to leverage their time and effort to facilitate enhanced sharing/dissemination of knowledge.
  • Digital tools help educators come up with adaptive, personalized learning pedagogies that benefit different students in different ways.
  • Unlike the traditional classroom setting where giving individual attention to students is a really hard task to achieve, digital mediums can easily enable students to experience the one-to-one context of learning.
  • Smart classes and audio-visual learning have appealed a lot among students as it is a blend of both traditional classroom teaching style and digital mediums. When students watch video lectures, there is a remarkable improvement in their academic performance and student engagement.
  • Also, video lectures allow students to learn subjects at their own pace and understand better with the rich and interactive content.

Today, there is an increasing need for teachers to use educational tools of the Technological Age to get closer to the digital youth and help students grasp knowledge efficiently. However, the future of educational technology relies on how well educators are able to use tech tools in the classroom and enhance the learning experience of students. Modern schools are looking forward to incorporating digital platforms and tools into learning to aid instructors and students.

In that regard, the K.R. Mangalam School, stands strong as a leading educational institution in Noida, offering world-class education with cutting-edge curriculum and modern technologies to inspire students towards success. We, at KRMS, understand the need to incorporate technology into education and have implemented various educational technology like smart classes and audio-visual learning in our classroom environment.

Most Used Tech Tools for Education:

There are plenty of tech tools available today at the disposal of educators to improve and support the experience of both students and teachers. Here we’ve put together a list of the most commonly used online tools that help create a stronger learning environment at schools.

Apps for Education

There are several digital tools and apps that aid in better collaboration of students and teachers. Google has a suite of apps designed for educators and students to collaborate and work in the online space, sharing resources and expertise. Google Docs ( and Zoho ( allow students and teachers to work together for presentations and documents. There are also various online video tools like Skype, Hangouts, and IMO that enable conducting discussions and lectures remotely. With cloud computing apps like Dropbox ( and Google Drive (, teachers and students can access files from multiple systems and easily stay updated from anywhere and from any device.

Online Learning Platforms:

There are also several other useful websites and apps that offer personalized, one-to-one solution for school students. The Indian government’s E-pathshala ( and Saransh ( for CBSE schools are some of the many effective e-learning platforms, offering digital textbooks, resources, online lectures, and more. There are also comprehensive tools for self-review and analysis, helping students, teachers, and parents to monitor the academic progress.

Digital Resources

Open digital educational resources found on different websites are freely accessible for learning, teaching, and research purposes. Users gain access to extensive study materials and facilitate enhanced learning. Some of the online learning platforms with ample educational resources are Khan Academy (, BrightStorm ( and TheFutureChannel ( All these educational websites offer instructional videos and courses for students to improve their learning experience. Typically for subjects like mathematics, science, and languages, these websites are very useful.

Overall, digital learning and tech tools together are engaging students in numerous ways to support learning. The usage and impact of these tools are poised to become more widespread in the coming years, and it is prudent for schools to seize the opportunities of these digital tools and online platforms for educational purposes. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, are striving really hard to make the best use of the technology to engage students and build a better learning experience for them. KRMS believes that digital learning and tech tools are indeed a practical advantage benefiting students, instructors, and even parents, and by implementing them in the school, they can help facilitate enhanced knowledge dissemination and create more possibilities for the students to learn beyond textual boundaries.

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