Why Hitting Your Children Should be a Strict No-No

People, nowadays, are staying within houses compelled by the nation-wide lockdown which has been imposed as an apparent precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, children, as well as their parents, are now spending more time with each other at home. And though if you look at it optimistically, this home quarantine period is allowing the families the time to rejuvenate their relationship bonds;But the sense of staying house arrest is also causing some unavoidable stress on the minds of the kids and the elders.

It is natural that during such unusual and trying times, irritation, anxiousness, and annoyance takes control of the minds. Children might become cranky, angry, and annoying, and it is likely for the parents to lose their cool. But no matter what, make sure that you avoid hitting your kids. Several studies have revealed that hitting children never helps to improve the condition, and in fact, the results are often worse. Here, we, at K.R. Mangalam World School, would like to share with you some reasons why you should avoid hitting your kids, irrespective of whatever the situation is.

Sends a wrong message

When you hit your kid, he/she immediately receives a message that hitting anyone is fine when a person is angry. But, surely, it is neither the right message nor the right thing that you would like to teach your kid. However, by hitting your child, you will send this message unknowingly, and your kid would, in turn, grow up to be a person who doesn’t know how to control his/her temper. Hence, if you wish your child to grow up to be a dignified person with control over the abrupt explosion of emotions, make it a point to resort to discussing instead of hitting.

It never solves the problem

Studies about child behavior suggest that hitting has never helped to tame any child, and contrarily, it has always served to turn the young minds even crankier. If you think that your child is showing troubling attitudes these days for being confined within the home for hours, or any other reason, abstain from hitting and try to chalk out a plan to keep your kid engaged in activities which will be a more effective way to tame the spur of random emotions.

Hitting turns the children more stubborn

Studies have revealed that instead of helping to reduce the irrational attitude of the kids, hitting has always turned kids into more stubborn individuals. When you hit your child on some wrongdoing, he/she develops a feeling of anger that struggles for an outburst and consequently turns into stubbornness. No matter how irritated you are or how difficult it is becoming for you to control your child at home, try to take control through open-ended communication, and not hitting.

Hitting leads to poor moral values

We, at K.R. Mangalam School, regarded as the Best preschool in Delhi, believe that children are like soft clay, which can be molded into any shape you want to. The pressure you put on the lump of mud decides the shape it ultimately assumes. Likewise, your behavior and actions mold the character of your kids. When you act or react, keep in mind that you would be imitated in the long run. Hence make sure that you are setting the right example before your kids. Hitting is never an acceptable action or reaction, and by hitting your kids, you will only instill a weak value system in them.

The world is going through a phase that it has not experienced in years, and for the kids, it is time they have never known. Hence, it is the need of the hour to be more compassionate and understanding and exhibit more humanely behaviour towards every living being. Since kids have the most tender and porous minds, they learn what they see and experience. If in such tough times, parents keep hold of patience and show empathy towards others, children are sure to learn and inherit the same from them. Hence, use this phase wisely and invest in teaching your children the traits that you could really feel proud of.

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