Why is it important to teach career exploration to children at the school level?

Why is it important to teach career exploration to children at the school level?

Quality education aims at providing children with a wider view of life and opportunities.   Learning the textbook information is never the entire extent of knowledge that true education intends to impart. It is the holistic learning that remains the focus of education. We believe that each child must have a clear idea of what he/she might like to become as a grown-up person. If children do not have ample information regarding the variety of opportunities available in the world today, they might not be able to decide over the best choice of career for the future.

The word career exploration refers to knowing the opportunities that the modern education arena offers every student. Whether a young mind wishes to grow up to be an engineer, a doctor, a chartered accountant, an anthropologist, or a historian, unless and until he/she gets an idea about the fields of studies available to pave a bright career path for the future, the choices made might be half-hearted and inept. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that every child gets the exposure to the real picture of what lies ahead. Only then, the children would be able to decide independently and freely.

The earliest years are always crucial for children, and the school days lay the foundation of the life ahead. Hence, the children should be introduced to the countless opportunities that several domains of studies hold to pick the one that best interests them. Here is why we, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, believe that career exploration must be introduced to children at the school level itself.

Helps to display the complete picture of the path ahead

It is said that long before we are born, our behavior is shaped.  Similarly, long before we pass from the schools, our inclinations develop for certain subjects and domains of studies. Studies have revealed that if a child is allowed to pursue a field of study that interests him/her, the outcomes are most likely to be remarkable than if the child is forced to pursue a subject he/she finds no interest in. But, to know whether you like a particular subject or not, you need to know the rest as well to be sure of your pattern of preference. With limited choices available to a child, it would never be possible for him/her to make an effective choice.  Therefore, career exploration allows a child to visualize the complete picture with relevant information to decide on a domain that will best suit its interests confirming a brighter future.

Motivates to put in amplified efforts

It has been observed that when a child gets determined to pursue a domain of studies for the future, it helps the child to improve the current performance. It is the enthusiasm associated with the thought that he/she would be pursuing the favorite subject in the future for the full time that keeps the child aligned with the learning process and helps him/her maintain high level of concentration and focus.

Increases the knowledge base

When a child goes through career exploration, it encounters several pieces of information on its way. Apart from gathering knowledge regarding the chosen domain of studies, career exploration also offers information regarding the rest of the opportunities available. This wholesome process widens the horizon of knowledge of the child and renders him/her a complete understanding of the process of career choices. Career exploration thus results in bringing about an augmented knowledge base, which, in turn, adds to the level of comprehension and practicality in the young minds.

At K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized as the Top CBSE School in Greater Noida, we have always aimed to aid in the holistic development of our pupils, which remains incomplete if we don’t guide them for their path ahead. We thus regularly arrange career counseling sessions for our students where they get to converse with expert counsellors and gain light on the best career paths for them ahead of school.  We, at KRMS, strive to enrich our students with a holistic view to aid their process of choosing the right career path for their future and help them remain focused on achieving the milestones on the path. Regular seminars, classroom discussions, and career counselling sessions are organized to render our young buds with clear know-how on the latest developments in the global arena. This helps to keep the children roped in with the process of career exploration and move on the right path with zeal and confidence.

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