Career Opportunities for Science Students after 12th Standard

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The phase after you are done with your 12th standard is one of the most crucial periods of life for any student. It is the time to choose a career path and work towards the goal of attaining your dream job. As a student of science, there must have been some ideas in your mind about which path is your true calling in terms of career. These ideas get cleared up even more through the 12th standard exams as you get to know your strengths and weakness. It is also true that when you come from the science background, the options are diverse for you. You need not stick to the pure science options only and the research, arts, and the administrative world is also not out of bounds for you.

But as you know, there is also a small downside to having too many options. It gets a bit perplexed about which would suit you the best. Fret not, as here we have brought together some of the most in-vogue career options for the science students along with the qualifications needed for each. If you are still not sure which way to go, this list can surely be of aid to you. All you need to do is detect your flaws, count your fortes, and go for it.

Engineering (B. Tech/BE): Even today, engineering continues to be one of the most sought-after career options in India. You can go by your aptitude into any specialization of engineering like agriculture, architectural, chemical, civil, electrical, and so on. A score of above sixty percent in your 12th standard would ideally make you eligible to apply for the engineering courses, though the required percentage may vary depending on the institute you opt to go for.

MBBS: Has biology and anatomy always been your favorite thing to study among all the subjects? If the answer to that is a big yes, then the medical path is what you are made for. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and it is one of the basic degrees you need to have for being an aspiring allopathic doctor in India. You can, later on, choose a specialization in fields like orthopedics, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and more.

Ayurveda Practitioner: Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine that is practiced in India and is presently gaining a lot of popularity in, not just the country but also beyond our shores. A career in Ayurvedic medicine can be highly rewarding as well as offbeat. You will need to score fifty percent or more to sit in the entrance exams organized by the different universities offering a BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree.

Pharmaceutical Studies: Another career option with opportunities in both India and abroad is in the pharmaceutical industry. A pharmacist has the responsibility of dispensing and managing medications, enlightening patients on the correct dose of drugs, and gauging the potential side effects of drugs in dispensaries and pharmacies. You can go for a bachelor’s degree or a diploma degree in the subject.

Nursing: Do you have patience and the zeal to take care of the ailing and the needy? In that case, the noble profession of nursing is what you should go for. During this course, you will be trained in all the practical and theoretical aspects of nursing which will make you eligible to join medical colleges, health institutes, or private nursing homes across the country. Some colleges hold entrance examination for B.Sc. nursing courses while it is purely based on your percentage in some others.

Physiotherapy: The work of a physiotherapist revolves around helping patients in the improvement of their physical movement. It involves the treatment of patients who are disabled or injured to make them recover and gain full or partial movement in their limbs. Through this degree, you will find employment in municipal corporations, private bodies, and rehabilitation departments.

No matter what career option you choose, remember that there is no alternative to hard work and dedication; and you must know that for taking the big steps into the world of degree courses and careers, it is important to have a solid base of knowledge. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, aim to provide that firm foundation of knowledge to our students through our teaching methods and advanced learning techniques. We believe that whatever a student learns in the school is his or her stepping stone for higher education as one can only aim high if his/her base is strong.

Besides the academic guidance, mentors at KRMS also provide thorough career counseling to our students. We help them in identifying their strengths and deal with their weaknesses. Our responsibilities do not end at completing the syllabus and making the students’ exam ready. We always stand strong for our students for any guidance and support as and when they need it.

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