Enthralling Journey of Seventy Years

From “Simon go back” to adapting the Western culture we have come a long way. In this glorious journey of seventy years India has witnessed amalgamation of love, betrayal, hatred ,partition and the dominance of Britishers .When India was born its Limbs were cut- Pakistan was taken away yet we stood strong . Many outsiders Pierced the heart of our motherlandand each placebears testimony to Wrath and destruction . Gunshotsat Jallian Wala Bagh still echoes in our mind,thinking of Kargil war still gives us Goosebumps.

In this background the proverb-”Where there is a Will, There is a Way “ stands true. On the path of development we have come a long way .The revolutionalisation of agriculture made us self reliant in food production, the strong determination forms the base of industrialisation where perseverance is as strong as iron and so ourambition. Modernization and Urbanization opens a new window to prosperity and development. But these are not the achievements complacent off. A generation blessed with technology and education should drive India a way ahead of the other superpowers.For “sky is the limit”.

Tanushree Arora
Class XII F

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