Holiday mode is on and the Summers are here!!

Suitcases and be off to your favorite grandpa’s place. Plucking mulberries or mangoes from the highest branch was the most extreme form of adventure while your grandma would stuff you up all the time complaining about how weak you’ve become and not to forget , the moon would take its place right above your ancestral house’s roof amidst the grandpa’s hilarious anecdotes and grandma’s soothing bedtime lullabies. Alas! Gone are those days but where have they gone to? Probably to Disneyland, Chills of Switzerland or Sunny beaches of Miami.

For the present generation, It’s time to pick up your backpack and set off exploring the world or maybe laze your time away on sunny beach side with a book propped up in your hand.If you’re aren’t the globetrotter, then it’s time for you to pursue those hobbies you always desired to polish – be it dramatics, tennis, swimming or even cooking. You name it and the list goes on….
For some professionals, teachers and even executives, summer time is time for self – enhancement. Mothers are busy planning classes (sigh!) personality development sessions, training camps, fun-filled adventure thrills for their kiddos to break out the complacency and re-infuse positive energies.

At KRM, we are ever involved with organizing events that rejuvenate the mind and instil a fresh zeal among our students, teachers and administration staff alike. In-house adventure camp for toddlers, Science Enthusiast’s Trip to NASA, USA, International ‘ODYSSEY OF THE MIND’ Finals or even motivational workshops for teachers. Renewed spirits characteristic of our indomitable zeal to unleash the challenges ahead permeate the corridors of the school. So here we are welcoming this spirited jubilance of the sultry summers. Meanwhile, what is it that is on your mind and on your list to beat the heat this summer ???


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