How to Encourage Young Children to Express Themselves

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Learning the art of communication can be a bit challenging for children. That’s because, unlike adults, children are not aware of the right ways to express their thoughts and feelings. It is one of the prime reasons why many children turn either too shy or too aggressive at times, as they don’t know how to react and respond to certain situations. And this is exactly why it becomes even more important to teach children to express themselves well so that they need not hold onto their feelings and can express it out clearly.

At K.R. Mangalam School, we believe that giving children the chance to express themselves not only helps to build their self-worth but also sends out to them a loud message that their voices are heard. Focus on providing the kids a nurturing and engaging environment that fosters better communication and creativity, and see how well their overall personality blooms. Help them strike the right balance between being overtly-expressive and an introvert. And there are a number of things that you can do to encourage your children to have the right amount of self-expression.

Provide opportunities to speak-out

It is important to provide children with a plethora of opportunities to develop in them the confidence to speak up and be themselves. It helps them to take proactive steps that thereby enable them to express themselves in comfortable ways. Creating a supportive learning environment for children through simple activities can help a lot in letting them express themselves. If your child is too shy, you can make him/her engage with other children in smaller groups so that they feel more inclined to express themselves within the circle of peers. You can also let your little one tell his/her favorite stories during family events so that they gradually learn the art of preschool in delhi

Encourage unstructured play

Playful activities serve as the best motivator for children to improve upon their communication skills. Whether it is toys to play or activities inspired to talk, children who are exposed to a wide range of unstructured play turn out to be expressive communicators. Kids need to be encouraged to explore their interests and pick out the play activities to indulge in. This way, they will explore and find the niche that best interests them. Moreover, by giving children the flexibility to take decisions or talk about their feelings, will boost their confidence and make them more expressive.

Cultivate creativity

Creativity is an art of expression. It fosters mental growth in children and helps them express and manage their feelings in creative ways. Children who are less expressive can be engaged in activities like drawing, painting, or dancing, which gives them the opportunity to express their unsaid feelings. Also, creative play, like role-play and make-believe play activities, can help to pique their interest to speak up and communicate with peers and adults. All in all, you have to feed the artistic side of your kids to encourage them towards creative self-expression. This way, they will grow up to be confident and creative individuals capable of expressing their thoughts and ideas individualistically.

Talk about feelings

Teaching children to express their feelings starts right from how you express yourself. Be a good role model to your child so that they learn to express in an appropriate manner. Help them recognize their feelings and label them but never ever suppress their feelings. Avoid saying ‘stop whining,’ ‘don’t lose your temper’ or anything that tells them to hide their real feelings.  Doing so will lower their self-esteem and make them less expressive of their emotions.

We, at K.R. Mangalam School, the best preschool in delhi have always believed that each child has an individual personality of his/her own. It is hence never right to judge them all on a single scale. What the children need for their holistic development is a multifaceted approach that lays equal emphasis on all the elements of child growth while taking the individuality of each young mind into consideration. This is why, at K.R. Mangalam School, we create many opportunities through classroom activities to help each of our students to speak up and express themselves. We strive to support the children’s developing personalities by providing a transformational experience that enhances their innate qualities and make them more communicative and confident.

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