How to Spark the Imagination Power of Children?

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Raising children with a good imagination is necessary for them to grow into happier, well-adjusted, secure adults, who arebetter able to cope with the twists and turns of life. Being creative doesn’t mean that they take up the path of an artist or a sculptor. But if you see, every professional/personal area of life can benefit from creativity as it lets them see things from a new perspective. Indeed, creative children are more likely to become good problem solvers because of their innovative thinking power, which is the outcome of their imagination and creativity.

So, as parents, it is important that youfoster your kids’ imaginations. No wonder, you are their first teachers and can make a powerful difference to their learning and thinking. So, why not spark your children’s imagination power, right from their early years of schooling, because it is when the child will be young enough to be molded in the way we want them to be.

First of all, fostering your child’s creativity requires encouraging their curiosity, inspiring them with new ideas, and using artistic ways to trigger conversations. This way, they will build their confidence and develop imagination.However, it cannot be acquired in a snap. You need to continually practice it with them by spending ample of time with them and finally,you will see that the effort put in is totally worth the outcome. Once you succeed improving your child’s imagination power, you are definitely enabling them to improve their aptitude for problem-solving and creative thinking skills, thus setting the platform for them to imagine, explore, create, and think for themselves and others around them once they grow up.

So, how can you spark the imagination power in children? Here are a few tips that will lead you the way:

Have Some Screen-Free Time with Children

We all know that technology is overwhelming us and kids are becoming addicted to it. The fact is that the gadgets do very little to develop imagination, creativity, or communication skills in children. So, it is better to you use them minimally and set aside some screen-free time at home. It can be challenging initially but hold on to it. Startwith restricting the use of gadgets during meals, in the car, while studying, inside the bedroom, and so on. Once you do it, you and your kids will experience a good connection with one another.

Fuel TheirCreativity

Use the screen-free time to spark your child’s imagination. Let them draw, paint, mold, build, sculpt, or anything that can ignite creativity. The important thing here is that they should be left free to explore anything and everything. They should be the master of their painting or sculptureand so never ever force them to do what you think. Remember, there are no rules for creativity. So give them free rein over their activities.

Explore the Power of Storytelling

Bedtime stories for children are there for a reason. It is not about reading a book or showing them a video. You have to establish a one-on-one connection with your child. Remember, story-telling does not need to make sense always; so go with the flow and let your child create scenarios and characters. This will indeed be the groundworkfor their imaginative development.

Engage them inPretend Play

Pretend plays allow children to dramatize their daily lives and live their fantasies. Just let your kidbe anyone he/she wants to be and listen to him/her to know what the kid is thinking and how he/she would behave in specific situations. By inventing scenarios, plots, and characters of their own, they can develop social and verbal skills. Whether it is a person, an imaginary pet, or a superhero, let your child be alone during pretend play and do not ask too many questions but instead get into their world and encourage their creativity. This way, they will build confidence and take their imagination in the direction they want, rather than just following you.

The importance of imagination power of children should never be overlooked. We believe that it is our responsibility to see to it that children are not just imparted with academics oriented education but are beingnurtured in terms ofimagination and creativity. In that sense, we, at the K.R. Mangalam School, which is one among the best schools in Greater Noida, have alwaysstrived to generate productive and creative students where the focus is kept at improving and polishing their academic excellence as well as individual capabilities alike.

At KRMS, we understand that simple creative activities can spark the imagination power in children. We envisage a learning methodology that values creative over fact, individuality over conformity, and performanceover excellence. We help our studentspractice life skills, learn the cues, rehearse their roles, and create an ‘ideal self’ for themselves to demonstrate their true potentials.

In a nutshell, KRMS sets the stage for children to become masters of their own crafts and gain a sense of individuality.

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