Practice is the Key to Being a Genius

Practice is the Key to Being a Genius

“Practice is the best of all instructors.” – And that explains it all. Once said by the world-renowned Latin writer, best known for his sententiae, Publilius Syrus, the above saying holds in-depth meaning when it comes to demonstrating the significance of practice in learning. Practice in the simple sense of the term is just an activity that you repeat on a regular basis. But the influence of the same can be massive when it comes to polishing one instinctive skill and mastering any task or responsibility. Your brain is constantly absorbing information when you are in practice of a particular lesson or activity and taps into the power of your subconscious mind, which eventually heightens your expertise and capabilities to the fullest. In this article, let us discuss the power of practice when it comes to preparing young minds as the masterminds of tomorrow.

Practice enhances IQ levels

IQ is often considered as a ‘native ability.’ When psychologists measure IQ levels, they basically try to figure out what the individual is capable of at any age, without any sort of specialized training. Such abilities do not require peripheral skills or external knowledge. The accomplishments are evaluated by innate attributes of the individual like verbal skills, reasoning, logic, and thought processes. So practicing a certain lesson, skill, or any activity for an extended period of time significantly enhances these innate attributes, eventually improving the IQ to a significant extent. The short term effect might not be dramatic, but the longer the period of practice, the more influential the outcome will be.

Brings better control over any subject area

Regular practice is almost equivalent to giving your brain complete workout training. Practice is mostly about repetition, which helps in understanding the core concepts, improving speed, and strengthening the connections in the brain that help young minds not merely learn but retain the learned knowledge for a longer time. For instance, if you involve yourself in a regular practice of a math lesson, you will gradually become familiar with its underlying patterns, forms, and types. You will not end up being confused when you are given to solve a more challenging or trickier version of the same problem. Practice helps you get a grip of the subject on a more in-depth level so that you can use your innate ideas and skills to find a solution to a problem related to any topic or subject.

Helps set realistic goals

‘Practice’ is the platform where you meet reality. Practicing any lesson helps you discover where your actual stand is when it comes to performance.  The concept of practice is strongly interlinked with practical implementation or execution. With practicing, children can understand how far they have proceeded with the lesson. Understanding and setting goals for yourself will allow you to reach milestones, which are highly essential to achieve any attainment in life.

The influence of practice can be even stronger when introduced at a young age, as per studies and researches. Children, being at the stage of development, possess the highest ability to learn, explore, and retain knowledge. We at, K.R. Mangalam World School, one among the Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, understand this fact, and hence, utilize all the crucial and necessary tools to maximize the confidence, esteem, mindfulness, and inner aptitudes of young minds to lay a strong foundation of education. Recognized for our quality education, experienced and supportive faculty, modern teaching pedagogies, brilliantly designed curriculum, and a vibrant child-friendly learning environment, K.R. Mangalam stands among the top schools in Delhi. We believe in a never-ending mission of bestowing our students with the brightest future, and this includes initiatives like smart learning, holistic development classes, and technological developments specifically for the well-being of young students. Let the budding geniuses experience the most colorful years of learning and exploration at K.R. Mangalam World School,  where all our efforts are directed towards enabling our pupils to transform into the global citizens of tomorrow.

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