Proud To Be An Indian

India is the epitome of culture, moral and value which stands out as a pedestal of our ever-growing progress . Even as we grow fast and slow the roots of our core are still linked with ground. Seventyyears ago we started out as a country with no concrete resources, but with the willpower and determination to rebuild our empire again. Seventy years after India stands with pride as a developing and a powerful nation . A land full of diversity where 1.2 billion Indians, all of different views ,opinion and religion share common roof ,a land full of colours where traditionsand customs binds people together.

It is this essence which energises spirit of 21st century teen to say it with honour- “Iam proud to be an Indian” .Forty one percent of our youth population is all full of enthusiasm, dedication and passion to contribute in India’s development. Let us all cherish and glorify these beautiful seventy years , as India turns seventy.

Ashi Hunjan
Class XII-F

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