The art of sharing and caring

Life is not only about receiving, but also about giving, sharing and caring. One has always dreamt of doing good to others. Even I had the same thought when Ms. Anuradha selected me for the school’s Interact Club of our school. This club is all about community service.
Our first project was on 10th May 2017, we had planned to offer chilled Rooh-Afza water to the people passing by our school under the scorching heat of the sun. This social experience was a great success. This task made me more open to such community services. This feeling of contentment was unexplainable.
Our next project was on 25th May 2017, we went to an N.G.O. especially for boys. We had already bought food and stationary items for them. At the N.G.O., we had fun but the best part was when we distributed the gifts meant for the boys. It truly gave me a positive feeling which is enough to purify one’s heart.
Not only from the school, but I also did such work on a personal level. I had distributed old and new clothes to children in a Bengali Ashram in Haridwar. People usually think of giving old clothes, but I thought that I should give some new ones too.
I got this idea of sharing things with the needy from the Interact Club initiated by my school. It is said that Charity begins at home, but in my case, charity began at the school.

Trisha Mazumdar
Class IX-A
K.R. Mangalam World School Vikaspuri

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