Why is it Crucial to Teach Self-Regulation to Kids?

Almost all children are prone to throwing tantrums and parents generally get quite used to it in the growing years of a child. While a rare case of throwing tantrums is okay, the problem arises when this becomes a habit with them and that is where the values of self-regulation come into play. Self-regulation refers to the ability within oneself to manage the behavior and emotions in accordance with the demands of certain situations. It is about the ability to resist highly emotional responses to an upsetting stimulus, to calm down oneself while getting upset, to adjust to the changes in expectations, and to deal with frustrations withoutputting up a violent reaction. We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, believe self-regulation is that set of important life skills that enable the children to direct their behavior towards achieving the goal regardless of the unpredictability and unexpectedness thrown on their path.

We believe that for an all-encompassing development, a child requires a full set of skills and one of the first to teach from among those is the idea of self-regulation. It has an impact on the overall emotional well-being of a child. According to Daniel Goldstein, the renowned American psychologist, “self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.” How true is that! Self-regulation is something that must be necessarily instilled in children and it should be done right in their younger years. Here are a few reasons that will help you understand the significance of teaching self-regulation to kids.

Aids in coping with the stresses of life

As a child grows up, he/she has to face multiple excruciating situations and it is crucial for him/her to not give in to the pressuresand to not get crumbled under them. When you teach the ideals of self-regulation to your children, they are in a better position to recognize the needs and what changes they should make to deal with the situation at hand.We have noticed that children who are taught the values of self-regulation in the young age are better at handling the stresses of daily life.

Helps in making better life choices

An individual who learns self-regulation is invariably someone who makes better life choices. He/she knows that even the things that look or feel appealing for that particular period of time might not turn out to be that good in the long run and thus, refraining is often the best option rather than giving in. Thus, by imparting the values of self-regulation, you help the child in making better decisions in life.

Less likely to suffer addiction

As you know, the number of cases of children getting addicted to drugs, life-threatening games, or other dangerous things is rising by the day and the sad part is that most cases of addiction stem from peer pressure. It is our responsibility to make a child understand that getting involved in any sort of addiction is nothing trendy or fashionable, and in fact, it also should not be the way out of the difficult situations in life. A child who knows the ideas of self-regulation will never take up any sort of addiction, no matter what the condition is.

Better academic results

As parents and mentors, we all want our children to excel in the academic field and come out with flying colors. However, children are naturally restless by nature and they would much rather answer the call of the playground than sit down for hours with their books. Thus, it is crucial to instill the idea in the young minds that one needs to separate the hours of study and play and it is up to them to self-motivate themselves to not let the mind wander off to the fun and games while studying.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School,believe that the teaching of self-regulation is not something that happens in one instance or even something that should only be taught at home. As one of the foremost institutions of the country and one of the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, we believe that both we and the parents need to come together in imparting such crucial life skills to the children. Our experienced mentors aim to teach the fundamentals of self-regulation through their lessons and interactions with the children on a daily basis. We believe that the learning and nurturing environment that we provide to our pupils forms the perfect ground for the young minds to adapt themselves to the important principles of life, one of the most crucial among which is self-regulation.

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