A Day Without Internet and T.V

Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the standard internet protocol suite to link several billion devices worldwide. In other words, it is a network of networks. Nowadays, people are highly addicted to internet. We use internet for anything and everything! Have to find the meaning of a word? Google it. Have to contact someone? Message them on watsapp. People facebook each other more than face each other!
Writing letters will become history and will appear in our history books, like it is with the pigeons and messengers as a new chapter; “LETTERS:Means of sending messages before SMS”. We might literally study the name of the person who wrote the first letters.

Internet basically rules our lives. That’s the same case with T.V. they are like drugs. Imagine a day, when internet and T.V. Suddenly stops working without any forewarning. You are watching a video on YouTube or posting on twitter when suddenly, your browser closes and it says INTERNET VANISHED. You are watching Doraemon and your T.V stops and says T.V MISPLACED. The reaction of the world will be equivalent to that of the World War I & II. There will be chaos, confusion, aggression, panic, tension all over the globe. People will be agitated as to what will they do with their lives. They will roam on streets helplessly looking for something to do.

Hopefully, they will stumble over to the library and embrace the books. Library will be the busiest place. Books would be everywhere. Letters would be sent again. Face to face Interaction will happen. Children will go out and play games like Hopscotch, Hide & seek etc, rather than be a couch potato and play Candy Crush, Temple Run and all that jazz. It would do the world a huge benefit!

Don’t get me wrong, Internet is one of the best inventions but that doesn’t mean that we would devote all our time to it. We must learn to keep a balance between everything, limit ourselves to 2-4 hours, slowly 1-3 hours every day.

Tanishi Mookerjee
Class X-B
K.R. Mangalam World School Gurgaon

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