Alone But Not Lonely

I’m trying to be alone but not lonely,
Because in the end it’s me only
Who’ll be accountable for me
And it’s me who’ll be responsible.
I don’t know why
I’d rather say with a sigh,
It’s so important to share my problem
With people who ain’t enough solemn.
I want to be my own saviour
Unaffected by anyone’s behaviour.
I don’t care how they react to my worries
Because they’re in their own hurries.
I don’t want to expect
I don’t want anyone to accept
My flaws because I know
Gradually judgements grow.
People will say
That they’ll stay
But never put on all your trust,
For relationships too rust.
Coz it’s only when there ain’t expectations
That there are acceptances!

Name : Charushee Jain
Class and Section : XI-A
School: K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri

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