The Question of Life Universe & Everything

I am a big fan of fiction books and movies. I love immersingmyself in a beautiful, mystical world of magic and witchcraft, or a horrible dystopian society where people are fighting and rebelling against oppressive governments in the future. Occasionally, I find myself roleplaying as being part of such scenarios. I can’t be the only one. I am sure each and every one of us has daydreamed of being on a pirate ship and exploring the world or going on an amazing interstellar journey into the future and colonize an exotic planet (and probably ruin it like we ruined earth).

And, honestly, there is nothing wrong doing that. The prospect of having a bigger purpose in life, where what we are fighting for is so much bigger than our own lives – is fascinating, empowering and so motivating. This greater purpose of life is far better than just going to school, or just sitting behind a desk job.

Unfortunately we were born too late to explore the earth, and too early to explore the universe. Just right in the middle of two interesting eras, where we have to study and somehow find a bigger purpose; or ‘Seek a Great Perhaps’ (as quoted by François Rabelais) in our uneventful lives.

And this whole process is so disheartening, because what is the point of textbooks and school and homework, while I am busy trying to find out the meaning behind human existence?

Whining about this problem of self-actualization can’t help anyone, especially ourselves. We are still stuck in this sad, boring loop of reality, and even if we struggle to find a purpose of life externally, we can only hope to seek it internally.

I think, if we do look around us and observe properly, we can find our ‘Great Perhaps’. Maybe, the purpose of current human existence is not exploring other worlds, but to look around and explore the smaller, diverse worlds that reside with in humanity. In today’s era of war, destruction, bloodshed and intolerance; we can’t hope to find answers for such deep questions while we are fighting with each other. Us humans are so wrapped up with our petty issues of war, hate and differences, that we could hardly have time to self-actualize. And if we are unable to accept one another, a fellow being of the same species, then we can’t even dream to accept our own selves and find peace and tranquility within ourselves.

Maybe our generation’s big breakthrough will be acceptance and love. Maybe one of these days, all of us will finally open our eyes and finally accept diversities and variations as part of humanity itself. Maybe one of these days, we will be able to tolerate, and even embrace and encourage divergence. And I think, that is when we will find the purpose of human existence and the answer for the big question about meaning life, universe and everything.

Class and Section : XII-A
School: K.R. Mangalam World School, GKII

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