Building a Sense of Play around Math Problems

With the gradual advancement of the methods related to education and learning processes, teaching and learning the curricular subjects have become more interesting. In earlier days teachers used a rule book to teach and hardly stepped out of that which made the entire process of learning serious and boring to the children. However, with illustrations getting added and life experiences being summoned to each chapter, the subjects have become far more appealing to the children. This methodological change in the way of teaching has made subjects like mathematics, which bear a general perception of being difficult, easier and engaging.

It is obvious that any child would be attracted by the colorful appearances and easy to relate examples as compared to monotonous operational methods. We at K.R. Mangalam World School, believe in igniting the interest of the students so that no external pressure or compulsion needs to be exerted to them to make them find interest in solving mathematics.  Mathematics should be learned as a process of solving puzzles and not as a part of finding a mere answer that numerically justifies the problem. We, at K.R. Mangalam School, a renowned name in the field of education today, have established a unique identity for ourselves by following and adopting the principle of interactive learning.

Laying a Strong Foundation in Mathematics is Essential

As a responsible institution catering to the education and knowledge process to develop the future workforce of the nation, we understand the concern that the parents go through during the foundation days of their children. With the years of experience and multiple studies organized on random sample groups of children of varying aptitude, we have found that mathematics has remained the most challenging subject to a majority of the early learners. This fear of mathematics in students is further carried to their future life making them incapable of mastering many subjects that are dependent on mathematical derivations.

At K.R Mangalam World School, one among the Top 10 public schools in Delhi, we try to make learning mathematics a part of the gaming activities. Classroom lessons along with practical modules are encouraged to make mathematics a part of daily life so that children do not fear away from the subject. We believe that it is more of the logic than the acuteness of results that should drive the mathematics learning process. Equipped with smart board classes and interactive sessions, we, at KRMS, ensure that our pupils become more involved with the subject instead of just superficially adopting the rules.

The Vital Support Back Home

We believe that no educational institution in the world can never replace the importance of homely learnings in a child’s early days. Parents being the primary pillar of support to any child have an important role to play here to encourage and kindle the sense of playing around with the mathematics problems. We, at KRMS, believe that in order to master a subject, any child must,first of all, overcome his/her fear attached to it. Once free from the fear of facing a problem, one can easily attain victory over it. Hence, the times when a child practices back in the comfort of home, it should be kept into consideration that he or she finds the subject relevant to whatever happens around. Once a child can establish the chord of connection between the subject and its real-life application, it would be easier to grasp it over. To make the students enjoy the magic of mathematics right from the days of kindergarten, parents can bring them number cubes, mathematical blocks, or wooden abacus beads to add a touch of playfulness to the learning sessions.

The Advantage of Building a Love for the Subject

Sometimes the process of learning becomes monotonous and compulsive. To add the spark of love to it, we, at the K.R. Mangalam School, involve the students in fun-filled activities that help them relate with the mathematics lessons learned in class. This ensures that the students do not get bored with the subject and easily find the real importance of its application.

We believe that mathematics is one of those subjects which cannot be treated in amalgamation with the other subjects as it imparts a direct connection with the logical analysis of the data available. Since every child is special in its own way, they cannot be expected to possess the same amount of logical interpretation as others. Hence it is technically important that parents, as well as the institution, come together to help them learn and absorb the fun associated with the mathematical problems. It has been our continuous endeavor to depict the better and improved process of learning mathematics through the unique and interactive teaching methods at K.R. Mangalam School. If the light of interest can be kindled in the young minds right from an early age, the future studies become easier to grasp, and we are sure that this way the kids will prosper better in the long run.

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