Childhood Obesity – A Rising Problem

Childhood Obesity – A Rising Problem

Lifestyle-oriented diseases are on the rise in the 21st century. The swing in our regular habits and life routines has largely contributed to an increase in such a health threat. Obesity is one of the serious health conditions that threaten people’s chances of healthy living. What’s more significant is that obesity isn’t just restricted to adults. This major health issue is relevant among children and teenagers as well. Obesity or being overweight is not a one-day affair and is not caused due to the failure of maintenance of a healthy schedule for a week or a month. It shows up as anoutcome of months or years of irregularity related to lifestyle habits. Today’s kids are more exposed to such a condition, and it is all owing to a massive slipup in their eating habits and lifestyle routines.

Understanding the Causes of Childhood Obesity

Genetic and hormonal factors do play a role in making the kids prone to obesity; however it is the unhealthy lifestyle and food habits that serve as the main factors in most of the cases. Inadequate activity and too many calories from food and drinksare undeniably the key contributors to childhood obesity. Besides, staying till late at night and spending too much of time on mobile devices and TV directly affect the basal metabolic rate which leads to obesity-related problems.Studies have revealed that even socio-cultural factors influence the onset of obesity. Depression and anxiety too play a significant role in childhood obesity. Strictly focusing on the diet and activities of your children is a good way to help your little angels stay away from the problem of obesity and lead a healthy life ahead.

What are the warning signs of obesity?

Carrying some extra weight doesn’t necessarily mean that your kid is obese. Many children tend to have a bigger body frame. The problem arises when symptoms of obesity come to notice. The main symptom of such a health condition is your child sweating a lot and getting tired soon without working too much. Fatigue and increased heart rate are the other signs of obesity. In case you notice any of these symptoms along with an increase in his/her body weight, make sure you don’t waste any more in taking a firm action. Get him/her checked by a physician, and verify his/her BMI to figure out any abnormalities that can lead to future complications.

Consequences of Obesity in Children

Generally, obesity is the health condition where your children’s body weight goes much above their average BMI (Body Mass Index). Though obesity may appear to be a natural weight-related health condition at its initial stage, gradually, it gets bigger, and the associated issues become more prominent. If the rapid increase in the body weight is detected in time, there’s not much to worry. However, a lack of attention can lead the problem to grow into a more significant concern. If not controlled well within time, obesity can lead to drastic consequences, which might even include high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more similar health issues. Apart from these, obese children are also exposed to several psychological disorders like depression and lower self-confidence. This hinders their social life, drops their self-esteem, and negatively impacts their academic growth as well.

Measures to Fight the Rising Problem of Obesity in Children

Obesity can be controlled as well as treated, and there’s no rocket science behind it. Simple lifestyle changes can work wonders in helping you keep the problem of obesity away for life. It all sums up to following certain rules and sticking to a routine as discussed below:

  • Limit consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages of your children
  • Respect your child’s appetite
  • Avoid buying snacks with lots of sodium
  • Limit eating out, especially at fast-food restaurants
  • Give them plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Provide enough fibre rich foods
  • Avoid sweet desserts
  • Educate your child on making healthier choices
  • Adjust portion sizes appropriately for age
  • Limit watching TV
  • Let your child participate in outdoor games
  • Be sure your child gets enough sleep

At K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized among the Best International Schools in Gurgaon, we are committed to preventing, as well as dropping, the dominance of obesity among kids through education, policies, and environmental changes. We believe that the foundation for good health for the lifetime is laid right in the childhood. This is why we always teach our students about the payback of a healthy lifestyle and the connection between calorie intake and energy expenditure. We, at KRMS, are consistently striving to make our pupils and also the parents aware of the Do’s and Don’ts for keeping the problem of obesity at bay. Unless and until the young generation is made aware of the ill effects of a bad lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and the problem of obesity, they won’t feel the urge to bring about an improvement. This is why besides spreading the awareness among our students at school, we also involve the parents in helping the kids embrace a fit lifestyle and lead a healthy life ahead.

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