Dance: An Effective Stress Buster for Children

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The lockdown life of today is more about staying house-arrest with no-fun outdoor activities. No wonder, the children these days are feeling more stressed-out than ever before. On the surface, it might not look like what they are feeling is stress, but they do feel it to a larger degree, often to the level that it affects their everyday life. But unlike adults, children may not be able to express the stress they are experiencing at varying degrees. It is here that comes the vital role of parents in helping the kids alleviate their stress as early as possible and make sure that it does not develop into a bigger issue later on. And one of the most fun and easiest ways to do it is through dance. Indeed, dance is an effective stress buster tool and is a healthier way to help the kids develop their senses and creativity.

Dance is a primordial form of expression that humans are gifted with. Particularly for children, connecting to their inner strength and value is more like an uphill task as they havenumerous distractions served in the plate. In those times, dance can serve as a personalized display of expression that drives their emotions and connects their body with the soul. Hence, whatever they do – sway or move, shake or still – it is DANCE, and you must let them do that.

Dancing aids in improving physical as well as psychological health

Dancing is a rewarding experience for physical health. That too, for children, it holds immense benefits. Dancing can increase metabolism, improve physical strength, provide good sleep, and augment muscle flexibility. Apart from all the external benefits, dancing does well to the inner self too.

As an outlet for emotional expression, dance can help in stress reduction and creativity. Dancing offers children a safer platform to vent out their emotions. Regular sessions of dancing can become a source of self-awareness and relief in stressful times. It helps children express and connect with who they are. Moreover, dancing brings focus and clarity to everything they do. So, children become more observant and appreciative of the happiness they derive from it. The more they move and master their body control, the less stressful they will feel.

Dance Helps Relieve Stress

The scientific reason behind dance as a stress buster stems from the fact that when the body feels good, the mind feels good too. When children dance, the body releases neurotransmitters and endorphins – the two hormones that serve to alleviate stress. Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that transmit impulses throughout the body. Endorphin, the ‘feel-good’ hormone produced in the brain can improve the mind’s perception of the world and surroundings in an optimistic way and thus help reduce stress. A good, enthusiastic dance session can release enough of these hormones to promote a lasting good mood in children and help bust their stress effectively.

For 21st century kids, physical activity is a must to relieve stress as they are constantly entwined in gadgets and TV. And dancing is one of those activities that enable a total body workout. But, unlike exercise, it is a fun endeavor. For kids, it is easier to dance than work out. It helps them feel less stressed while increasing their confidence and uppingthe fun factor.

We, at K.R. Mangalam School, recognized among the Best play school in Delhi, believe that dance is an activity that provides a platform for exploration, improvisation, and expression through movement. It is a good way to help children stay away from all the worries and anxiety emerging out of the lockdown blues and help to improve their mood and alleviate stress. Besides, we, at KRMS, believe that dancing can also be a bigtime help in breaking the mundane lockdown chores and bring liveliness into the children’s world. So let your little ones engage in any form of dancing that they like to pursue, and let them unleash the beautiful world of creativity and expressions.

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