Effective Ways to Limit the Screen Time for your Children

Effective Ways to Limit the Screen Time for your Children

Successful use of any innovation lies in meticulous use of the same. So is the case for modern gadgets and the internet. It has invaded every sphere of our lives. Adults, as well as children, have grown accustomed to the habit of browsing the internet every now and then. And we all know that if appropriate use of digital technology is a boon, it’s over addiction is certainly a bane. Hence, if you have noticed your children spending more time in front of the TV screen or on mobile than with you, or if your little one is skipping the outdoor games to stay glued to the screens, it is time you put a check! Here are some of the ways that can help you divert your child’s mind and reshape the practices.

Practice Healthy Electronic Use

Using electronic devices have become a common practice in all households. So, if you notice your child to have developed an obsession towards the TV screens and gadgets, forbidding them the access to the devices would not be a practical idea.  Instead, you can set a routine of limited watch time to make the child habituated with healthy practice. You can lead the way by example by not opting for TV or mobile browsing whenever you have spare time. This, in turn, encourages the children likewise when they find some time for themselves. Instead, read a book with them or discuss things that interest them. The time spent in front of the screen will automatically get curtailed.

Keep some space free from electronics

Plan an arrangement that will not allow any electronic gadget or device at a particular place of the house, and mark it as the “Electronic Free Zone”. Decorate the interiors in a resplendent manner with toys, books, etc. This will look fun and will encourage the kids to spend more time there engaged with books, creative games, puzzles, etc. You can transform a corner of the living room or the dining hall into such an active zone that will help to keep children away from the television or computer screens.

Specific unplugged hours

Children mostly imitate what the elders do. So, what you do is ultimately going to impact the behavior and approach of your child. Hence, make sure that you or any other member in the family does not show obsession towards the use of electronic devices. To ensure such ambiance, you can fix a time every day when no one will remain logged into any device or stuck to any screen, television, laptop, mobile, or any such device, and will be instead involved in personal interactions with the kids and other family members. This helps in the family bonding and keeping the children away from the screen.

Make the kids aware of the dangers

Excessive exposure to the screen can damage the eyesight, and this is something that you need to make the kids understand for their benefit. If explained with patience, children generally respond positively to the suggestions. Hence, take out some time and discuss the dangers of staying glued to the screen for long hours. Surely, the discussion has to be done in an age-specific manner. If your child is of tender age, use words that would be easier for him/her to understand while discussing the same. If your child is a teenager, you can surely use some technical terms to make them understand the disadvantages in details.

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