Exams Approaching – Stay Calm, Prepare Well!

Exams Approaching - Stay Calm, Prepare Well!

With the board exams around the corner, most of the 10th and 12th students must be experiencing a lot of nervousness and anxiety. For them, these board exams are actually the means through which their years of education, learning, and hard work are put to test. It is common to see board exam students having stressful days and nights before the exam.

If you are one among those about to appear for the board exam, our advice to you is don’t panic. We understand how you must be feeling these days but still, relax! Of course, there are ways in which you can deal with your stress and stay focused. Many students wonder how they can overcome stress and prepare well for the exams. Here we have a few tips to share with you all that can help you reduce your stress and do well in the approaching exams.

Say a big ‘NO’ to the last minute study

We see that students tend to stay stuck to their books even before entering the examination hall. But trust us, the last-minute cramming is not a good way to approach the exams. Never ever leave your studies until the last minute. Be aware enough to make the best use of your time and schedule well so that you do finish your studying within time. Sort out the priorities depending on your subject needs and ability to learn. Organize your study time with a timetable and give enough time for each subject. You may need to give more study time for certain exams and less for others, so find the balance that is comfortable for you.

Take care of your health

In the zeal to study well, most students do not care for their physical needs and health. Remember, you are what you eat and drink. Alas, board exams strike right during the hottest season. You can easily get dehydrated and it can affect your studies. Hence, make sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and motivated to study. Always keep a bottle of water or fruit juices with you to stay rejuvenated. Instead of munching on fast foods or unhealthy chips and cookies, eat healthy foods and consume lots of fruits and veggies. This way, you can keep your body physically fit for study and keep yourself away from feeling drowsy during your study time.

Understand the concepts, rather than mugging up

Many students fail to understand the concepts while studying and instead resort to simply mugging up everything. They find mugging up as an easy way out. But remember mugging up word by word might help you get the marks in the board exams but the minute you finish your exams you forget everything learned. However, when you learn by understanding the concepts, you understand well and get the grasp of it fully. You can read out loud, take notes, or ask someone to explain you. When you learn by understanding, it is the proof that you are actually well-prepared for the exam.

Stop sticking with your textbooks and school notes

Even though mastering your textbooks and school notes are important, you should also go ahead and refer to other recommended books. You can also solve previous year board exam question papers to get the practice of the type of questions asked. It would be a good start to have a bunch of past 5 years’ board exam question papers with you to evaluate yourself and practice time management. It will not only help you in practicing for the exam but will also let you discover what you have missed from your books. Remember, you should go for question papers only after getting through with all the topics. Just studying the past question papers will serve no good.

Focus on time management

It might sound cliché, but there is a reason why everybody stresses on time management. Especially when it comes to board exams, students should be aware of what to start first and what to leave for the last minute. You will have a lot to do but not have enough time to cover everything before the examination day, so you must prioritize your study accordingly. Decide on what to revise first and what to give a read at last. Prioritizing depends on individual needs and ability.

Keep your exam ‘things’ handy

Make a list of all the items you need for your exams, for example, the stationary supplies like pens, pencils, sketches, exam pads, refills, and even geometrical tools, if needed. Keep everything organized with you in advance so that you can avoid any last minute running. Also, do not forget to take your hall ticket with you. See to it that you leave a copy of it in your bag and also with your friends/family, in case of emergency need.

Get a good deal of sleep

Staying up all night for study before exams is a common sight. But indeed the worst thing one could do. When you study all night, you are draining all of your energy and will soon reach a point where your productivity wanes. You will eventually feel tired and drowsy the next morning, spoiling the entire day’s productiveness. Sleeping is a must to feel energetic and to have a refreshed mind the next day. Manage your time accordingly so that you get ample sleep and enough screen time during your leisure. Indeed, regular sleep is the best way to control stress and to perform better in the exams.

So there you have our tips that can help make your exam preparation time a bit easier. We believe that besides providing the students with world-class holistic education, it is also one of the prime responsibilities of schools and teachers to ensure assistance and support for students when they prepare for their exams. In that regard, we, at the K.R. Mangalam School, always see to it that our students are offered thorough support and help from our end to enable them to deal with the exam season and get through it successfully. These reliable and road-tested tips will help you get past the tensions of the time and cope with exam stress without fear. Our sincere advice to all the students is that do not let stress overwhelm you. We assure you will cherish this phase of preparation productively and gain upper hand on your efforts. KRMS wishes all of its students a very best in their upcoming board exams.

Good Luck!

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