Importance of co-curricular activities in a child’s educational journey

Importance of co-curricular activities in a child's educational journey

Today, the pure academic kind of education that was prevalent earlier is slowly paving the way to a more wholesome type of learning. This includes the incorporation of three important facets of learning, viz. emotional learning, psychomotor and reasoning abilities.

Education as a concept is broad and goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. The core purpose of education is the all-round development of children that includes their intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical development. Education plays an extremely important role in molding the personality of an individual; and in order to fulfill these objectives there is a need for the educational institutions to strike a balance between the academic syllabus, curriculum and co-curricular activities.

The co-curricular activities conducted in schools give the students an opportunity to develop special skills which are non-academic in nature. These activities include games, sports, arts and music, painting, drawing, drama, and many such activities that help to enhance the potential and skills of a child.

Co-curricular activities in a child’s education help to enhance his or her growth in many ways, as being a part of such activities will help the child to grow as an individual, be social, and emotionally stable. Therefore, it is of great importance that we do include co-curricular activities as a part of our educational programs and implement the same as an integral element of the school curriculum.

This is to be encouraged not only by the teachers but must also be followed up closely by parents as well. It is important for parents to understand that though these co-curricular activities are not academic, they help in the overall development of the child by helping them to discover their hidden potentials. Co-curricular activities help a lot in developing confidence in children from a very early stage. There are a number of benefits for kids to participate in such school activities:

  • These activities help in the personal development of the child.
  • The child can pick from a wide range of opportunities and find their areas of interest and focus on them from an early age.
  • Co-curricular activities teach children the important lesson of team spirit and working in groups which is an important life lesson. Team work is an important aspect for children to learn for its long-term benefits.
  • These activities also help students inculcate a sense of healthy competition that can go a long way in their journey of life.
  • These activities cater to develop a sense of responsibility in children when entrusted with tasks of importance.
  • These activities also help to teach the importance of time management to children. They learn to do something fruitful with their time which is a valuable lesson for any child to learn.
  • Co-curricular activities can also lower the percentage of dropouts as children are involved in activities that interest them which in turn also help to improve their academic performance.
  • With these activities, the child’s energy is channelized in the right direction which serves to be a significant benefit in the long run.
  • Winning and losing is part of life. Co-curricular activities help to teach the same to children. It lets them learn that if winning is important, losing should also be taken up in a positive sense and should be considered as an opportunity to improve the skills and do better the next time.

Today, there are several activity options for very young children as well. There, hence, remains no such thing as ‘too young to participate in co-curricular activities’. There are a great number of options available even for toddlers. Activities such as singing, poetry recitations, story-telling, dance, performing plays, and so much more can be introduced to toddlers. It has been proved that nurturing co-curricular activities in young children helps a lot in their aesthetic development such as character building, spirituality, moral values, creativity, and personality development.

Why should these activities be pursued?

Co-curricular activities are directly connected to developing the intellect of the child which is not entirely possible with theoretical processes alone. For this to be fruitful, these activities should be effective so that they can be utilized to their full potential for the growth of children.

The positive effects of co-curricular activities in schools have been well researched and it is now an accepted fact that students who participate in these activities show better academic developments, better social skills, and better relationship building, and they are more likely to develop an active and healthy lifestyle in later life. Moreover, these activities act as motivators for students to perform better in their academics, which give them a school life filled with happiness and enjoyment. This, in turn, keeps them healthy in terms of mind, body, as well as spirit, which enables them to lead  a more cohesive school life.

At K. R. Mangalam School, we understand that the core responsibility of an educational institution is not only limited to the academic development of the students but also encompasses their overall development so as to ensure a bright future for them.  We are well aware of the role that co-curricular activities play in the holistic development of the students and why they are necessary for each and every child. We, at the K.R, Mangalam School, hence take the responsibility very seriously and always see to it that our students benefit from a variety of co-curricular activities that help enhance their growth and development intellectually, emotionally, socially, and personally. We have a plethora of activities for the students to choose from such as tennis, volleyball, table tennis, skating, throw ball, cricket, arts, crafts, music, green school programme, quiz club, carom, and many more activities aiming to strengthen the students and their educational journey. Our aim is comprehensive growth and development of our students and we do not leave any stone unturned for that.

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