How Digitally Equipped Classrooms Contribute towards Better Learning?

How Digitally Equipped Classrooms Contribute towards Better Learning?

The imprint of technology is so evident in every part of our lives that it has become entwined with our very existence. It affects all the facets of life, right from how we live, work, play, and most significantly, how we learn. The wireless devices, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile technology are being rampantly used across the globe. It seems only fair that when technology has turned out to be so widespread and all-encompassing, its effects are going to be felt even in the classrooms.

The use of technology in classrooms has been a major talking point for quite some years with many negating it as an unnecessary addition to overcomplicate the education system. However, the times have changed for good now, and there is a general consensus that the positive effects of digital classrooms are much greater than the drawbacks if at all there are any. Nowadays, you can see the use of technology in classrooms right from the pre-school to the higher classes. Classes have been remodeled to bring in things like electronic whiteboards, projectors, computers, Wi-Fi, and so much more. The changes like these are heartening as these are like taking strides towards a better and more wholesome form of learning.

When classrooms are digitally equipped, the teachers get to personalize the education experience. There are tools made available like e-books, learning games, and virtual tutoring that help the children to learn at their pace and get a more in-depth understanding of the things they are being taught in class. The digital material provides support to the topics learned in classrooms and aid in the introduction of different teaching techniques that help in the academic needs of each student.

The kids of today are more familiar with ‘Googling’ information than you can think of. Hence, getting internet access to the classrooms is like an extension of what they already know and refining it to a great degree. Teachers get to give the students a holistic view of any subject while leading them to find the right resources. When teachers get internet access in classrooms, they get to teach the children about assessing the quality of information found online to keep them from believing wrong online information and at the same time, removing the restrictions of a textbook.

Digital classrooms are also a way to make the students future ready as the students who are used to technology in their classrooms are more adept at using it in the future. The digitally equipped classrooms are one of the first steps towards giving them workplace readiness and thus, its impact goes far beyond making a child digitally literate. The soft skills valued in the workplace like independent thinking, critical research, and cross-technology proficiency are promoted from the classrooms itself.

It has been proven practically that students tend to be more engaged in digital classrooms. They are focused longer than usual and tend to be more excited about learning the topics. This is especially true for the subjects like Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and other Technology based subjects. In these subjects, the audio-visual aids to textbook learning can go a long way in making sure that the concepts are ingrained within the minds of each child forever. The teachers generally use the digital aids available in the classroom to show the practical application of the theoretical knowledge which is one of the most effective ways of learning for the kids.

The contribution and positive effects of technologically advanced classrooms can also be gauged by the response of the teachers. The mentors agree that technology helps them to reinforce the lessons that they teach in class. No change in education is possible without the support and enthusiasm of the teachers, and an overwhelming number of teachers are eager to implement more technology in their classrooms. The teachers opine that interestingly, the students have always been more excited to attend the laboratory or practical classes. That is the same excitement they notice among the students in the digital classrooms.

We, at the K.R Mangalam World School, ranked among the best CBSE schools in Delhi, understand the need of digitally equipped classrooms in making sure that our students keep up with the changing times. Our advanced classrooms and world-class infrastructure is a step towards our goal of breaking the monotony of educational regime so that the children no longer need to be goaded into coming to school, rather they can’t wait to get to school every morning. Our experienced faculty is the key aspect that has been helping us retain our position in the top 10 schools in New Delhi by consistently ensuring a comprehensive learning environment where knowledge is imbibed enthusiastically by each student. Our aim at KRMS is to enable the overall development of every single student of ours and to ensure that they are ready to take on the world tomorrow as they leave the doors of our campus.

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