Social and Emotional Growth of Children is as Important as their Academic Growth

Children are born-learners, and studies suggest that they are much more intelligent on picking up and mastering specific skills compared to the capabilities of grown-up individuals. The most important thing that a child requires at every stage while growing up is all-encompassed support and guidance from the individuals around.  Contrasting the general idea of nurturing or pampering a child, if provided with the right kind of guidance, a child can also become self-sufficient and independent from a very early age. So, this is precisely where the significance of social and emotional development steps into the frame other than the existing idea of academic advancement.

The prevailing mentalities of rearing a child are changing nowadays, and the focus is gradually shifting towards cultivating the social, emotional, and intellectual skills in a young mind. Endowing an environment where children not only continue to learn on an academic basis but also on a communal and intellectual platform, can help them grow as a person from the very initial stage. This particular piece of writing will focus on some of the core factors that will help you understand why equal importance needs to be given to the social and emotional growth of children along with their academic progress.

Self-Sufficiency Encourages a Sense of Responsibility and Decision Making

It is an old saying that ‘human beings are social animals’ and irrespective of how introvert they are at some point of time, they will require a company to outlive today’s convoluted environment. Rising self-sufficient kids can be quite a challenging task for parents, and hence, understanding its essentiality before proceeding is the foremost significant step. Being self-sufficient does not indicate becoming over-independent as a child. But your kid can always try exploring the adventures and untangle the complicated knots of daily life by themselves at times. Strengthening your kid’s foundation, socially and introspectively, helps them implement the same level of conviction in their academic lives with accelerated decision making and an increased sense of responsibility.

Self-Awareness Vitalizes Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

Self-awareness is one of the significant reasons why children face issues in their personal and academic life while growing up. This is mainly because the feeling of self-awareness is directly related to emotional intelligence, and sharpening the same would help a child recognize, detect, and understand his/her own feelings and sentiments. This way, a kid will know how to react and what to express in a particular situation. Self-awareness is not just applicable when a child is trying to comprehend his/her own emotions and thoughts but also the senses and thought process of the people surrounding him/her. The early growth of social and emotional intelligence bestows a child to live future that is purposeful and influential. In fact, self-awareness is one of the most critical factors to stimulate the abilities of critical thinking, problem-solving, and conflict management that can be highly advantageous for school life as well as beyond.

Social-Emotional Growth is Directly Proportional to Academic Performance

In order to excel academically, children require adequate enthusiasm, peace of mind, and constant motivation and support. Adults possess a sense of responsibility and vital necessities for portraying good performance, which is not present in kids. So, their only source of motivation to perform well in school is a healthy and active mind. Making children aware that they are a significant segment of an extensive community and helping them explore and participate in the same can do wonders that are beyond all trials of guardians and mentors. Providing the children with the right guidance to help them excel and lead in all aspects is not any rocket science but lies in the right kind of emotion coaching and fostering effective social interaction.

If all the above-demonstrated vitalities are considered, they will all play a critical role not merely in the personal life but also equivalently in influencing the professional life. However, we do understand that owing to the busy lifestyle of today, it is not feasible for guardians to take complete responsibilities of the full-fledged progress of their children, and hence, the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the educational institutions, precisely the schools, where the fundamental upbringing of children gains ground. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, very well understand this responsibility of ours to help children excel in not only their academics but also in their overall development. KRMS, being a top ranked CBSE school in Ghaziabad, widely known for its quality educational training and state-of-the-art mentorship, is highly regarded for its in-depth understanding of the necessity of quality education at the foundational level.

We, at KRMS, provide the young learners with comprehensive care, mentorship, and guidance for the holistic development of juvenile minds. Catering knowledge to children and guiding them in all aspects of academic life requires unique teaching skills that are different than mentoring the adolescence student group. Hence, the KRMS faculty team comprises highly experienced mentors and teachers who are experts when it comes to imparting education to children. KRMS is also a sheer encourager when it comes to extracurricular activities, outdoor learning, and academic events. Budding minds from across the nation are a significant part of the KRMS family and are very well on the way to emerge as the most responsible, intellectual, and sensible leaders of tomorrow.

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