Signs That Your Child has High Emotional Intelligence

“We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg. The key to success, contentment, and lifelong achievements does not just lie in academic knowledge and skills but sparks significantly in emotional intellect and acumen. The term ‘intelligence’ has more dimensions entailed to it than what it exhibits to the world.  Intelligence encompasses several elements that include logical aptitude, linguistic aptitude, interpersonal aptitude, musical aptitude, and definitely the emotional aptitude, which is better known as emotional intelligence.

In this supersaturated era of academic pressure, corporatization, and overall lifestyle advancement, we often tend to overlook delicate aspects like intellectual development, moral reasoning, and emotional addressing. However, these are some of the most crucial facets that require attention especially when the mind is in its state of formation. The upcoming future of many young minds would be different if they are understood by their guardians more profoundly and provided with the unique kind of guidance that each of them requires for flourishing. The first step to guide your child in the right direction is to recognize who they are indeed. Here are some of the hints that reveal that your child is among the rare few who holds comparably a much higher emotional intelligence and sees the world from a different angle.

They can connect to people on a different level

If you have ever come across the term ‘empaths,’ you will know right away what is being spoken about here. Empaths are categorized as thosepeople who have the ability to sense, feel, and understand other’s emotions. When a person is expressing his or her grief or loss, your child can feel the emotional turmoil and thoughts passing in the other person’s mind much more profoundly. They have keen attention towards others thought process and feelings which help them quickly create a connection. They are highly sensitive towards the emotions, sensations, and reactions around them.

They are brilliant observers and excellent listeners

Emotionally intelligent kids are mostly the calm listeners and tend to listen to you with keen attention. They listen compassionately when somebody has an opinion to give, a question to ask, or even a point to prove. These kids do not race into a conclusion haphazardly listening to fragments of sentences as they require an explanation or logical clarification for everything. This is the reason they are also able to perceive a particular situation from others viewpoints and respond or react more wisely than others. Besides, they are also fluent speakers, but you will always notice that they often pause to process information in their minds in an organized way.

They embrace the new with an open mind

Another vital sign that proves your child is emotionally more aware is an open mind. The mind of a child is more open to alien concepts and unimaginable ideas since they are not yet entirely bounded by the worldly limitations. However, if you notice carefully how they react to movies, situations, stories, or songs, it will reveal a lot about their emotional intelligence. Children with a higher level of emotional intelligence tend to be more modest about unknown, unidentified ideas. They have a better understanding of why a particular person reacted in a specific way and what is the reason behind that.

The importance of emotional intelligence is massive, and it only rewards wonders to them who recognize and value its presence. However, it is essential that you know that there is also a darker side of emotional intelligence which if not taken care of in the right way during the right stage of life,can even result in wrong consequences. The ability to feel things from a profound dimension can often become overwhelming, and this is precisely where the importance of care, cultivation, and mentoring comes into the picture. We,at the K.R. Mangalam World School, one among the top 10 convent schools in Delhi, with our years of experience in the niche of education, have a profound understanding of child psychology. We understand that each child is unique and hence, should be dealt with in an equally unique manner.

At KRMS, we believe that learning must not be confined to academic excellence only and should instead cover proper mental development, daily life skills, social-emotional development, and more. This is precisely why we, at K.R. MangalamSchool, have created a dynamic learning environment for students where they are nurtured with top-notch teaching aids and are trained and mentored by the best in industry faculty.We highly encourage extracurricular activities, open discussions, sports activities, in-class competitions, and more to brush on the mindset and emotional health of each child in a special way. We value the skills and talents each young mind is gifted with and look forward to fostering them with no stones unturned. We aim to make our students true contributors in the future society, and groom and train them to grow into experts in whichever filed they opt for in the future.

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