The Key Attributes for Ensuring Holistic Development of Kids

The recognition of anexceptionalacademic body lies in how the institutegenuinely perceivesits success in the holistic excellence of its students. Ranked among the bestCBSE schools in Delhi, K.R. Mangalam World School has slowly and steadily intertwined an unwavering reputation that it cherishes today. The renowned and highly prestigious campus of KRMS fosters a diverse group of young talents who are leveraged with opportunities to support the development of their academic, creative, ingenious, and intellectual skills. The KRMS family is known for providing special and unconditional heed to each of its pupils to help them uncover their hidden potentials and capabilities.

It is a matter of ultimate contentment and pride how the school stands as a leading educational body in the nation today, playing a pivotal role in grooming and preparing several fledgling minds to take over as the frontrunners of tomorrow.  For years, our aim has been aligned to prepare children in such a way that along with outshining in terms of educational excellence, they also achieve self-satisfaction and contentment. Our focus has never remained limited to delivering just the academic know-how to our students but rather encompasses their overall growth. Students at K.R. Mangalam World School are always encouraged to recognize their true potential and real interests, and to make this happen, we give as much emphasis to theextra-curricular mediums of development as the academic curriculum. You can take here a glimpse of the key attributes that we focus on so as ensure holistic development of our students:

Focus on Practical Learning

We understand the sheer importance of practical training and hands-on projects when it comes to grasping the interests of kids. We believe that the best way to ensure deepened knowledge transfer is to create keen interest in these young brains. We, therefore pace along with the teaching pedagogy that many international institutions utilize to teach and train kids on a different level altogether. We conduct safe and short educational trips and study toursto provide the kids with a realistic view of the concepts that they learn theoretically through their books.

Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities

We firmly believe that for the holistic development of children, it is necessary that we encourage them to take up the activities that they love to participate in. This is the reason we, at KRMS, provide our students with a platform where they can learn and partake in an extensive array of activities like dance, drama, music, instruments, sculpture, and more. There are also various categories of each art form that we encourage our students to cultivate their skills on and cherish at the same time. We believe our secret of delivering years of holistic excellence is our clear focus on the comfort, potential, and passion of students rather than loading them up with academic pressure.

Personality Development and Life Skills Programs

The complex world waiting outside for these young minds demands them to be proficient with not only theoretical acumen but also everyday life skills. Therefore, we, atKRMS, equally focus on non-scholastic areas like decision making and problem-solving, effective communication and interpersonal skills, coping with emotion and stress, creative and critical thinking and more. We groom our students on these essential life skills from an early age via integrated interaction and class discussions, helping improve thecognitive, behavioral, and emotional intelligence of kids. We encourage our students to participate in debates and other public speaking sessions, where they get an excellent opportunity to polish their communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills. We believe that as the key source of education impartation, it is our responsibility to help our students outshine in these essential skills and emerge as responsible citizens equipped with multidimensional excellence.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, have always remained engaged in organizing science exhibitions, debate competitions, martial art championships, and sports tournaments among other events for our students, which have helped them make a mark for themselves in various facets of life. Our state-of-the-art teaching approach, refined curriculum, and contemporary learning facilities have played a crucial role in creating and delivering unparalleled learning experience to our pupils. Best BBA colleges in Delhi The transparency we offer in the venture of education impartation, the open platform we provide for teachers, students and even parents to speak, have helped us reach the peak of success today. Over the years, we have added layers of innovation to the existing academic platform and aim to take this venture to a different level in the future.

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