The Crucial Role of Parents in the Educational Journey of Their Wards

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In today’s scenario, education has no longer remained merely about getting grades and passing the exams but is rather more about the multi-dimensional and multi-faceted growth of the learners in all aspects of life. It is the right balance of education, both at school and home, that helps mold a child’s actual learning experience. To that end, parents are indeed the first educators of the young minds, and their role in shaping the overall development of children is of great significance and value. Parental engagement, when coupled with school education, can widen the horizons of learning and help children grow up with strong and widened skills and abilities. In this article today, let us have a look at how crucial the role of the parents is for the appropriate growth of children in their academic journey.

Role of parents in the education of their wards

Parents’role in a child’s educational journey is indeed of paramount importance. The way the parents involve in and support their children’s learning experience immensely influences the success of the latter in their academic journey. Parenting styles, knowledge sharing, rewards, and retributions – all have a potential impact not only on the academic achievement of the young minds but also impacts their psychological development.

Parental engagement in a child’s education is often characterized by the attitudes and aspirations of parents towards their child’s academic potential. When they actively support and encourage their children in their academic activities, it motivates them to register higher academic achievements. Moreover, when there is an effective partnership between parents and teachers with respect to the academic performance of children, it helps to improve the latter’s attitude in setting academic goals and fosters in them the spirit of achievement.

Improved grades

Strong parental engagement in early childhood is central to a child’s academic, intellectual, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Supporting a child in both home and school settings towards their educational progress pave the way for better academic development. Students with support from parents achieve better grades at school and grew up with greater self-esteem. Studies prove that the active role of parents in a child’s education and learning activities is associated with improved learning outcomes and higher academic success.

Greater engagement towards learning

When parents involve with kids and support them in their home assignments, it serves to lifts up their spirit of learning and develop in them a positive attitude towards learning and education. Helping them with tips and guidance in assignments and preparing them for tests helps to build in them the confidence and motivation towards learning. When parents share quality time together with kids and help them get additional knowledge other than classroom lessons, it helps to make the process of learning and knowledge acquisition exciting and meaningful for them.

Better social skills

Besides academic learning, parents also play an active role in building their child’s personality. With timely advice, constructive criticism, and correct behavior interventions, parents can inspire the kids to grow into responsible, empathetic individuals.

We all know that parents play a role model for their children. They serve the role of a mentor, a guide, and also a co-learner in every aspect of the children’s learning process. We, at K.R.Mangalam World School, one among the best schools in Delhi, understand the vital role that the parents play in the educational journey of their kids and thus always try to involve them in all school events. We encourage parents to contribute their time, knowledge, and skills for school events and competitions so as to actively contribute and assist their children’s learning.

At Best preschool in Delhi, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that has been coupled with the emergent technology to cater to our pupils’ all the essential learning facilities. We ensure that each student is groomed with not only the right academic knowledge but also the right attitudes and values. Our aim is to enlighten young minds and nurture their talents for a better tomorrow. We emphasize on the holistic development of our fledglings and always empower them to emerge as global leaders of tomorrow. It is here we believe the role of the parents is indeed essential. After all, as Jane D. Hull has famously quoted, “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

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