Ensuring the Safety of Your Children in Cyberspace

Ensuring the Safety of Your Children in Cyberspace

Information technology has invaded every sphere of our lives. No doubt, there remain several benefits associated with this advent of technology, which add a significant level of ease in our daily lifestyle. From shopping to making research papers, the internet today plays a critical role in every walk of life. Children, too find cyberspace an interesting and exciting platform for fun and learning both. But, plenty of dangers also dominate this platform, which, if managed and handled with precaution and care, can be a source of effective information and entertainment for all. Especially when it comes to children, top ten school in east Delhi it is always recommended to take special security measures into consideration so as to ensure the safety of the little ones in the cyberspace. Hence, today in this article, we have brought forth for the parents some useful tips to ensure that your kid optimally uses the internet for his/her benefit.

Try attaining the knowledge of cyber world yourself

To keep a vigil on your little one’s access to the internet, make sure that you know the applications and the threats associated well enough. If you lack enough cyber knowledge, ensuring the security of your child would be a challenge. Hence, get to know the updates of the cyber world and know how to manage the accounts and the security protocols to keep your kid safe from any vulnerable use of the internet.

Ensure identity protection

The biggest threat that the cyberspace poses is that of leaking your identity to the world. You surely wouldn’t want the ill-intended people to take advantage of the identity parameters like name, address, bank account details, passport number, etc. It is hence important that you make your kids aware of the probable risks that come with casual handling of personal information in cyberspace. Also, keep a check on the social media platforms your little one uses to keep the child safe from strangers and other undesired elements.

Take computer protection seriously

Teach your kids to not to say no to the computer software updates, even at the cost of some downtime. Sometimes, children tend to skip or reschedule the updates available if they remain busy playing games or interacting with social peers online. But it is of paramount importance for the security of your information and inputs to run the updates on time. Hence, children must be taught to allow the update times as and when they appear on the screen to ensure the safe use of the internet.

Keep a close check on the activities

Whether or not your child is using the internet responsibly should be your lookout. Make sure that you check the online activities of your kid at least once a week to guarantee that he/she is not becoming addicted to any particular game or interacting with people or sites that are inappropriate in style and application.  Several parental control tools are available these days through which you can ensure the safety of your children in cyberspace by restricting their access.


Cyberbullying is a common term these days with several reported cases of bullying children online, which have also very often lead to fatal results as well. Make sure that your kid is not becoming prey to any kind of cyber harassment. If you maintain a thorough vigil on the internet practices of your kid, it would be easier for you to trace out if someone or any community is trying to bully your little one, and act accordingly.

We, at K.R. Mangalam School, firmly believe that if used appropriately, the internet is a boon in itself. But if not paid enough heed, the very internet can become a reason for inviting huge troubles. It is hence crucial to ensure the safety of our little ones in the cyberspace so that they do not fall prey to any untoward events, and rather benefit the most from the internet. At the top ten schools in south Delhi, we believe it is indeed vital to teaching the kids to be responsible while using the internet facilities so that neither they themselves nor anyone else suffers because of their irresponsible behavior online.

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