The Key Benefits of Child-Centric Education

The Key Benefits of Child-Centric Education

Every child is unique, and no wonder, their learning, and development happen at a different rate. This means that their learning abilities, interests, and experiences are also unique. Having said that, don’t you think it would be only wise if our education system matches up to cater to that learning and development? Is subject-centric education capable of shaping the bright future of the nation? The fact is that the subject-centric education system offers silos of subjects with loads of lessons to memorize. It basically works on memorizing and putting up the info on the answer sheets during exams to move on to the higher grades. The need is to ponder upon if we really want to inherit this to our children too!

The times are changing, and to match up with the demands of the advancing times, bringing about a change in the education system is imperative. What our upcoming generation requires is an atmosphere of learning through experience and engagement. What are kids hence require today is ‘child-centric education’ rather than the subject-centric system. At K.R. Mangalam World school School, ranked amongst the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, we have adopted and implemented a child-centric education system that offers holistic growth and development of the young kids and enables them to pace along well with the changing times.

Enables Easier Transition

A school is where children get to first experience a home away from home. Child-centric education makes this transition into school life easy and comfortable. At K.R. Mangalam School, we have carved an encouraging routine where children are enabled to discover their interests and learn at their own pace. The role of the teachers at our school is that of a partner who supports the young minds in their journey towards exploring and learning about the world at large.

Experiential Learning

Child-centric education focuses on initiating the process of learning through direct experiences. It relates to the meaning-making process of individual experience for every child. The unique curriculum at K.R. Mangalam School exposes children to learn through experience and self-reflection such that learning turns real-time and long-lasting.

Freedom and Play

In our years of being the mentors of young minds, we have observed that what children need for their learning and development is not goading into studies but rather the flexibility to adapt and a fun element in the learning process. This approach taps the natural stimulation for learning and exploring in the young minds. In the play-way learning, the teacher transforms into a guide and observer and provides the freedom to the children for growth to happen naturally.

Real-World Context

In the child-centric education system, children are exposed to the real-world more appropriately. They get to gain valuable hands-on experiences of whatever they learn. This way, they also get a better understanding of how things unfold in the real world. They get to develop themselves with their ongoing experiences and acquire knowledge far beyond the boundaries of the classrooms.

Continual Challenge

At the Presidium school Gurgaon, we encourage our students to consider potential opportunities and challenges arising from shared ideas. The teachers guide the young learners to explore new innovative ways of dealing with problems that come in life. This type of learning challenges their ways of thinking and help to develop their analytical as well as creative thinking. The outcome is that children become confident in making decisions turning into confident risk-takers.

We, at K.R. Mangalam School firmly believe that the challenging times of today require our children to grow with a strong intercultural understanding and respect. They need to have an innate inclination towards advancing their knowledge base and learning horizons. Instead of being bound in the book-based theory-oriented world, the kids of today must have an in-depth understanding of the real-world. We are committed to providing our young learners with an encouraging, empowering learning environment where the uniqueness of each individual is celebrated. At Play school in Gurgaon, we truly live by our – ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’.

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