Tips to Empower Children to Grow into Lifelong Learners

Tips to Empower Children to Grow into Lifelong Learners

“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid of only standing still.” _ Anonymous

There exist plentiful approaches and outlooks that determine and empower a child’s reflection of the future. The attitude towards learning is one of those wise and agile approaches which act as the forefront of every life challenge to come. The practice to learn, expand, and grow is an inevitable quality that nourishes a mind with a sense of conviction and a leading attitude to thrive in any aspect of life.

The best time for developing the habit of learning in young minds is early childhood.It is evident in the fact that how we act, perform, or succeed in adulthood is a loud echo of how we have been shaped in juvenile years. A positive attitude towards learning has the power to help one build a positive mindset, leverage the power of people around, and take ownership of any challenge that comes their way.

The fiercely competitive and radically advancing scenario of the twenty-first century demands the new-generation to be groomed with skills and insights more than just academia. This further emphasizes the importance of empowering children to turn into lifelong learners so that they learn to adapt themselves as per the changing times. Demonstrated below are some of the tips that can be really effective in bestowing the fledging minds with timeless learning skills.

Converting mistakes into opportunities

Isn’t the usual reaction to any mistake committed by children is scolding or criticizing? But the fact that is overlooked here is that mistakes are the keystones to learning crucial life lessons. The practice of absorbing the positive and the factual aspects from any mistake is one of the best learning skills that one can master. This attitude, if induced from the very beginning, can aid children in improving the way they think, perceive, evaluate, and finally react to a particular situation or challenge.

Inspire learning ownership or self-education

There perhaps is no better way than self-education, where individuals willfully keep their learning attitude alive. The journey of learning can be made much more fluent, interesting, and productive for children by teaching them the habit of self-education, and this can be done by encouraging them for simple group study sessions, reading newspapers or any material outside the syllabus, or helping them use educational games and applications.

Educating and inspiring them about the miraculous art of learning

Every challenge set by the aspects of human life possesses a different solution. It is not feasible for one to resolve every challenge. However, an unending will of learning can change the approach to learning forever. The art of learning covers fundamental and essential unique tactics such as the generation of vibrant ideas, building resilience, embracing risk, and mastering the art of on-spot performance. Educating children about the mechanism of the continuous habit of learning and its priceless benefits is another way of inspiring life-long learning.

Engaging young-minds in real-life challenges

One of the major problems with the current education system in the country is that what children are taught in theory seems inapplicable when it comes to real-life challenges. This is because if classroom teachings comprise only of scholastic knowledge, it often sets boundaries for the young minds when it comes to learning. It is hence imperative to ensure that children are equally engaged and involved in practical tasks, the team works, and projects that uphold the development of life skills, wit, logic, and sensibleness in children. At K.R. Mangalam World School, one of the most renowned top 10 schools in Delhi, we make sure that we impart the young minds with the highest quality of education that remains relevant to real-life.

We firmly believe that being the mentors of young minds, we hold a significant responsibility of embedding the crucial skillsets and qualities in children, apart from providing them with a robust academic foundation. The K.R.Mangalam school is one of the blazing examples of the most progressive educational institutions in the nation that aim to bestow young intellects with what they need to thrive in the highly competitive environ of today. Our dynamic pedagogy is based on a highly holistic approach that strives to create not only academically sound but equally compassionate, active, cooperative, and curious individuals. We welcome more young minds to best schools in Delhi,  to experience a journey of learning and enlightenment that goes beyond just academic and scholarly confines, and enables them to unleash their hidden potentials.

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