The Perfection Blended Infrastructure at K.R. Mangalam World School

The new budding generation of students requires not just academic education but creative skills development and knowledge acquisition through interactive new ways of learning. As such, it has become imperative for schools to set up quality education with good infrastructure and facilities so that the young budding minds can be providedwith an efficient learningexperience. A comprehensive learning environmentwith the necessary tools for growth can certainly encourage manifestation of strengths and capabilities of every child, and this is what each school needs to achieve in the current times.

In this changing world, it is necessary for schools to break the monotonous education regime and adopt a newer approach to learning. We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, strongly emphasize on educating and inspiring children towards achievement. We embrace an ardent approach that focuses on building intelligence plus character in children and teaches them to think intensively and critically, which is indeed the goal of true education.

At K.R. Mangalam, the education is child-centered and emphasizes on delivering comprehensive all-round development of children, in all aspects of cognitive development, intellectuality, and creativity. Our intelligent and dedicated efforts and rigor is what has enabled us to consistently deliver high standards of education and learning. The curriculum, teaching styles, and the innovative pedagogical approaches utilized at K.R. Mangalam World School are geared towards improving the overall well-being of children.

KRMS – Delivering Education beyond Books

We, at KR Mangalam, value the range of intellectual capacities and strive to bring out the bestin our students. There are a wide spectrum of activities organized throughout the academic year for students to enhance and develop their individual skills and talents. Everything from literary, sports, and life skills, to cultural activities, are encouraged to promote positive self-concept and a sense of achievement amongst the students. We also make learning fun and exciting for children so that they acquire knowledge without losing their creativity and individualism. Activities promoting children’s love for learning, and those which serve to build competence and self-confidence in children are given special attention. We also actively engage in mentoring programsthat aim to strengthen the institution and its potential in uplifting and nurturing children.

The Global Standard School Infrastructure

The K.R. Mangalam School, one among the Best Schools in Gurugram, has been laid out with best-of-its-kind infrastructure in an elegant manner. The architectural motifs at the campus complementthe school ambiance proving to be conducive to learning. The cosmopolitan campus of K.R. Mangalam World School has a striking appearance with structures that exemplify the school’s sense of orientation and educational standards.  With an eco-friendly pollution-free green campus with rainwater harvesting facility, we generate a sense of ecological responsibility among the next generation. We also provide an extensive amount of modern facilities and amenities for children to experience world-class standards of education.

The K.R. Mangalam World School at Gurugram, established in the year 2010, spreads over 5 acres of land with 4 blocks and 2 playgrounds that offer a secure place of learning for students. The infrastructure includes LAN, workstations, internet connectivity, digital security cameras, and much more that resonates with the facet of school development. The amphitheater-like Smart Classrooms with a centrally air conditioned school building provide a friendly atmosphere for students to experience hi-tech learning.

The excellent academic infrastructure at K.R. Mangalam offers a vibrant learning platform for students to develop their skills and abilities. The state of the art Computer Labs, latest technology equipped science laboratories, huge and well-equipped library, extra-curricular activities space, and more such amenities make learning at K.R. Mangalam a worthy choice. A fleet of comfortable, air conditioned buses provides a safe and secure transportation system for students. The premises of the school is an apt place for children to learn and grow into global citizens with ethical values and technological edge. In a nutshell, the infrastructure at the K.R. Mangalam World School is a perfect blend of sustenance and quality education in the true sense.

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