The Connection between Good Health and Academic Achievement

Dedicated hours of study and a rigorous routine is not always enough to ensure academic achievements for a student. It takes a lot more than just books to excel in the educational domain. It is, indeed, a proven fact that health being one of the major parameters in deciding the quality of life is surely one of the major determinants of the academic achievements of a student as well. There is an old adage that says, “A sound mind resides in a sound body.” If your child is not being able to excel in his/her studies or if you observe a fluctuation in the performance, there could be a possibility that it is owing to the low-quality health. Hence, taking care of your child’s health is as important as taking care of his/her education.

Good Health helps in maintaining concentration

Good health refers to a physical condition where a child acquires enough resistance against the potential diseases caused by seasonal fluctuations. The general immunity level needs to be high for a child to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If a child keeps on suffering from multiple health problems every now and then, the entire mind will automatically get diverted to the health hazards instead of studies. The brain has its own way to prioritize things, and in case of an ailment, it always prioritizes health. Hence, keeping good health is the key to maintain a focus on studies. In fact, various researches have revealed that the concentration power of a child who is healthy on an average is far better than the one who tends to suffer frequently.

Good health comes with a better learning capacity

If your child is in pink of health, the capacity to learn automatically increases. Resultant upon the low levels of concentration during any ailment, the learning capacity goes considerably down for children who fall sick very often. Moreover, during the days of ailment, the child grows weak and feeble, which makes the subsequent days of sickness also less productive. For an agile mind and effectively fast learning, good health is thus a must.

Good health lets you work hard

If a person stays healthy for long stretches of time, for obvious reasons, he/she gains strength that propels the process of learning and education. An alert mind supported with good health is always capable of working harder than someone who falls sick from time to time. Frequent sufferings drain the energy and enthusiasm making a student less capable of doing hard work. To secure good grades, hard work is a must, and the same depends largely on the condition of the average health of a student.

Good health helps maintain good performance and high grades

A good performance in academics is synonymous with consistent performance. If you are not staying fit throughout the session, it will never be possible to secure good grades in your academics. Since the overall performance is always a reflection of the average score secured in all the examinations conducted throughout the year, with fluctuations, the final score is likely to suffer. Hence scoring high in one out of two examinations is not the solution. To maintain the performance throughout the year, good health is a must, or else random diseases will keep affecting your grades.

Good health aids in cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are referred to as the band of abilities that your brain is capable of performing at a time. The basic cognitive skills are the ability to think, read, learn, remember, pay attention, and reason. A sound body is always the best tool to support brain development, and this encourages learning through cognitive abilities. Starting from the school level to professional life, cognitive abilities play a critical role in determining the success and render the student a competitive edge over others. A balanced and nutritious diet leading to good health is thus critical for maintaining the all-round development of the brain and academic growth. You can ensure securing steady grades only if you have fortified health inside.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, one among the Top 10 Senior Secondary Schools in Delhi, are very particular about the health and nutrition of our students, and hence, always advise them to pay close attention to their diet. We, at KRMS, see to it that we not only provide great support to the academic requirements of our students but also aid them in maintaining good health by conducting regular classes of physical education that is a great way to keep the body fit and fine. With the rapid pace of life, children do not get ample time to invest in health maintenance, and we completely understand that. To helpbridge this gap between required and actual physical activities, we, at KRMS, have also come up with dedicated yoga classes that help our pupils to stay healthy and also serves to improve their concentration levels.

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