Things You Should ‘NOT DO’ During Your Exams

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It is quite obvious that students tend to dread about exams and often encounter lots of stress and emotions before the exams. Though it’s a pretty common thing, most of the students aren’t even aware of what causes them to get stressed and worried before and during exam days. It is important for every student to know the right approach to face the exams. It’s quite simple and when you take the lead on studying and preparing for exams in a proper way, you can certainly feel the difference.

First of all, exams are not something to panic about. Never get tensed about what you’ve not done or what you’ve missed studying. Keep up a relaxed pace in your studies so that your concentration stays balanced. Neither get indulged in over-study that tires your mind as well as the body, nor be lethargic. It is very important to schedule your studies wisely. This will help you avoid any kind of fear and tension during exams.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, are aware of the mental tension that students generally undergo during the exam season and hence wish to do all the needful to help them face the exams with confidence and ease, and this is why we felt that it is necessary for the students to have the guidelines about what to do and what not to do during the exam days so that they can avoid unnecessary stress and give their maximum in the exams. We have already covered a lot on what should be done during the exams and how students can cope with the exam stress in the previous articles. Thus, here in this article, we will tell you about the things you should say a strict no during and before your exams.

Keep an Eye on What You Consume

Your health is the most important thing and you’ve to take good care of it. But eating unhealthy, right before the exam day or during the exam times, can hinder your exam performance. Unhealthy eating like greasy meals or junk foods can upset your stomach, causing indigestion, drowsiness, or other physical issues that can eventually waste your time and energy. Also having lots of ice creams and chilled food items can cause cold or even fever, which will completely make you incapable of studying. Why to simply add to the digestive play by overindulging on unhealthy foods? Avoid it, simple!

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, have our own cafeteria where we provide healthy food for students so they need not indulge in junk, unhealthy food items. We keep in mind the health of the students at all times, and especially when it is exam season, we make sure to take extra care.

Stop Hitting the Snooze Button:

Exam times are not the times you lay down lazily. You have to make it a habit to wake up early and study. Well, it might be tempting to hit the snooze button on your alarms, but don’t. Going for few extra minutes of sleep by snoozing will actually make you feel drowsier than getting up and starting the day right away. Plus, those extra sleeping minutes are anyways not going to do any good to you but will rather make you feel even lazier. You will eventually get late for the exam and put on more tension to your day. Those hours of tension isn’t worth that extra nap. So, wake up right away when the first alarm goes off.

No Complaining:

It is a common habit of most of the students to complain about anything and everything before exams. They regret about the days they missed to study; worry for the unattended classes; complain on the times for not being fair with them, and all the more. But in reality, they are actually projecting their mistakes and worries on others. Remember, complaining at the heck of the moment before exams, is not going to change anything. Stop complaining and start acting on it. If you had not studied everything, well, be prepared to present what you have studied. There is no use contemplating about your mistakes and hard times. It will add more to your tautness and make you unproductive. Focus on what is on your hand at present and make it a success.

At K.R. Mangalam School, we have made it a mission to give students a holistic education that prepares them on not only academics but also extends an emotional and social support to help them to handle the exams better. Teachers at KRMS are good at dealing with students’ educational and emotional needs.

No Looking Back:

It is common to see students discussing their previous exams and the mistakes they have done. This can be quite counterproductive most of the times, as it makes students regret and worry about their mistakes. It is better not to look back. Get past your worries about the exams that are over and focus on what lies ahead. Do not waste your time and energy thinking of the completed exams; instead, you could focus and study for the upcoming exams better.

Say a Big ‘NO’ to Social Media:

Remember to keep a check on your Internet indulgence. Checking Facebook or chatting in WhatsApp is a big no when you have your exams going on. Stop watching new TV series, reality shows, or movies, at least until the exams are over or you might regret. TV and Internet are great time-swallowing areas. You get to watch it once and you end up spending a lot of time continuously. So, it is a rule to switch off your mobile data, Wi-Fi, and keep your phone away from your hands. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, always stress on avoiding phone at school and home so that students can focus more on their studies. It is necessary to keep a check on your gadgets usage to ensure better studies.

Now is the time to study and prove yourself. By avoiding the aforementioned common mistakes, you can nicely avoid the unnecessary last-minute cramming, stress, and anxiety. Be prepared and get ready to face the exams well and good. Keep the focus on your studies and gear up for the exams. You will surely win!

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