Tips to cope up with the Exam Stress

Tips to cope up with the Exam Stress

The stress of exams affects almost all students. It is critical to deal with this pressure and discover little methods to cope up with this pressure of final exams. Exam time can be the toughest time for some students. Sweat-soaked palms and heart palpitations are the things that most students tend to experience as soon as they realize that the exams are about to start. The pressure to perform well along with the pressure to meet the heightened expectations of parents and the society make it tougher for them to concentrate. But just if you know how to manage this stress, you can turn the situation in your favor and can come up with outstanding results.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, believe and also want each of our students to believe, that exams are nothing but a way to prepare yourself for progress and analyze your learning. Hence, rather than running away from the exams or being stressed about the same, you should focus on making yourself prepared well to face the exams with a big broad smile. Here, we would like to share a few convenient tips that can help scatter pressure and ensure you can overcome exam season as well as mounting tension with ease:

De-stress Yourself with Breaks

Breaks are indeed necessary if you want to enjoy your studies. And, hence, even the most extraordinary study timetables should permit at least a short break. You can space out your breaks evenly throughout your study schedule. Do plan out a 10-minute break after every 1.5 hours of study. This will facilitate better absorption of the concepts and will keep you invigorated throughout. Engage in your favorite activities during your break time and you’ll see how these short breaks will do wonders in taking your exam fever and stress off your mind.

Exercise Regularly

Adding Exercise to your daily routine is a good way to rejuvenate yourself and fill in positive energy. This helps improve your concentration power and builds focus. Get involved in Yoga classes or simply meditate in the morning. This will help you get relaxed and will help bring the change for better.

Tune in to your Favorite Music

Listening to music is one of the best activities when it comes to bidding goodbye to stress. Tuning in to the music of your choice can create a positive environment and lift your mood. Though traditional music is prescribed as the best sort of music to help boost your brain power but you can definitely choose the music you like as it will help you to get refreshed after hectic study schedule.

Sleep Well

Studies have revealed that seven to eight hours sleep pattern is necessary for the body to function well. Hence, it is important to take a sound sleep of at least eight hours during the exam days as well. Try and take proper rest and sleep well so that you get up refreshed and your mind can capture its maximum efficiency.

Take Good Care of your Diet

Green leafy vegetables and food rich in proteins and vitamins are must for students. Taking proper nutrients and healthy diet helps to keep your brain active, healthy, and sharp. Try and avoid fried foods as they are heavy on the stomach and may make you feel lethargic and sleepy. Also, avoid too much intake of caffeine as it negatively impacts your health. Instead, drink adequate amounts of water as it will not only keep you hydrated but will also keep you fresh and active.

Stay Positive

Spend time with people who have a positive aura. Try and maintain as much positivity as possible as it will help you stay focused and full of vigor.

Important Tips to Remember While Answering Your Exams

  • It’s quite natural to have some stress before the exam. But rather than panicking about it, try and take it in a light and positive way.
  • Sometimes it so happens that the mind goes blank as soon as we enter the examination hall. Relax! Don’t worry, it’s a very normal thing. Just take a deep breath, calm down, and now focus on each question one by one.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question. In case you are not sure of the answer to any particular question, leave it for the last. Try and attempt those questions first that you can answer confidently and then come to the ones you are confused about.
  • While reading the question paper, firstly mark those questions which you think you can answer.
  • Divide your time wisely so that you can attempt all the questions within the given timeframe.
  • Keep an eye on the watch, while you attempt the question paper.
  • Always keep some time to proofread your answers so that you can avoid any silly mistakes which can cost you your marks.

Once the Exam is Over…

Once you are done answering the exam, don’t keep on criticizing yourself for any wrong answers. Sometimes, self-assessment turns out to be quite harsh and can negatively impact your preparations for the next exam. Hence, instead of blaming yourself for the wrong answers, congratulate yourself for the ones you attempted right and promise yourself to do even better in the next exam. Once the exam is finished, focus on doing something you really enjoy. Spend a minimum of 2 hours on something you like, before you start preparing for the next examination. Utilize this time by either discussing your short-comings with your parents or teachers, or you can also listen to soothing music which will help you to freshen up and rejuvenate.

We, at K.R. Mangalam, understand that feeling stressed before an important occasion is a very natural thing and every normal human being experiences the same. All you need to shine bright under the circumstances of stress is to be confident of yourself and your abilities. We, being your educators, are very much aware as well as poised of your talents and capabilities and know that you all will outshine in not only these exams but also in your life ahead.

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