Tips to help kids get over the issue of Lethargy

Children by nature are known to be high-spirited and peppy, the presence of which mostly keeps decreasing as we age. They are distinguished by their happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic behavior in the simplest of situations in life. Kids sometimes surprise us adults by being so exceptionally free-minded and full of life that has the power to make us smile even when we are down. They are loaded with questions, curiosities, thoughts wandering out of this world, to-do-lists, and much more, and yet they are barely worn-out. Well, that does not mean that kids cannot be tired or exhausted. After a busy day of school, home-tasks, and loads of extra-curricular activities, being tired is an absolutely normal thing. Isn’t it? But well, parents, take note of whether this tiredness is owing to their over engagement in activities all through the day or is plain lethargy.

Lethargy is not an unknown conception among humans but the evolution of time, dramatically changing lifestyle, digitalization, and the piling academic and work pressure are giving rise to a more harmful version of the entity called ‘lethargy.’ Laziness or lethargy does not indicate physical exhaustion but can rather occur due to mental exhaustion which is more or less an outcome of the age of digitalization, mental health disturbance, or simply boredom.

Childhood is the stage of formation and helping your child grow with a healthful mind and body is imperative to provide them with a bright future. We, the K.R. Mangalam School, have listed here a few effective tips that can help the kids to bid goodbye to the lethargy right from the roots.

Let Lessons Be a Part of Fun Activities

Academic lessons need to be considered first as it has become the foremost priority in the current times. The entire future is defined with their present academic performance. If you see it from a rationalistic perception, academic pressure cannot be neglected as well. But there are ways to work it out smartly. Monotonous lectures and home tasks can be extremely boring for children and invite lethargy. This is where teaching the kids via playful ways can help generate fun and turn out to be extremely successful when it comes to buying their hundred percent attention and interest. In fact, learning with the help of verbal games and simple memory games are a proven method that help the kids to attain academic excellence in a comparably effortless way. Also, keep giving short breaks in between to let the children recharge their mind.

Art and Creativity – Kindle the Spark Within

Every child treasures a unique passion and knack within. Even if it is not visible yet, know that it is hidden. Help them schedule a time for practicing a hobby that they cherish. It is of sheer importance to keep a child active, happy, and full of life. Be it, painting, dance, games, or petting dogs, help them take it to the next level.

Show Them the Greener Side of the World

Exploring nature and outdoor places can be truly rejuvenating for the young minds. Adults somehow manage to cope up with a stressful life but it doesn’t have to be that way for the kids. Even if it is fifteen-minute outdoor exploration, let your child feel the true essence of childhood. Going fishing, visiting nature parks, allowing them to go for school excursions, etc. are some of the excellent activities to help the kids say goodbye to lethargy.

Bring Discipline to Their Daily Routine

A disciplined life is highly important when you expect children to be active in the right way. We might incorporate the notion of discipline in our lives but unfortunately, it is becoming a lost practice due to excessive busy lifestyle and competitive environment. Discipline does not just indicate academic particularity but demands equal dedication when it comes to providing time and care to oneself. Begin by participating in the disciplined routine that you have set for your children to encourage them to achieve the little goals of life. You can set a specific time for the entire day’s activities, add a hobby time, take them shopping, and even practice some debates on general topics or anything that interests them.

Parents play a massive role in the lives of kids and as such, it becomes crucial that parents take up those things seriously that they wish to teach their children. If you wish your kids to get over the issue of lethargy and lead an active lifestyle, you yourself have to take the lead and show them the benefits of being active and fit. We, at KRMS, recognized as the Best School in Delhi, always teach our pupils the benefits of leading a healthy and active life and encourage them to stay engaged in their hobbies or extra-curricular activities whenever they get time. We believe that lethargy is something that may though not look like a major problem now but it can turn into a big issue if not dealt with properly. To save the kids from being a couch potato and to protect them from any unwanted health-related problems, it is extremely important that we introduce them to the fun ways to deal with it as this is the only way to ensure a bright future for them.

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